Monday, September 25, 2017

Minimalism and a Fall Wardrobe

Confession: I have a strong desire to be a minimalist. 

Ever since watching the Minimalism Documentary last year, I've found myself really examining what I buy and what the purpose will be. While I will never sell all of my things and move into a tiny house (as tempting as it does sound), I have made some changes. Truly examining the reasoning behind your purchase and watching how much you are accumulating, actually does make you feel more organized and less stressed. 

I have found that while being on a budget, and also trying to adjust my wardrobe to be newer and updated, just ONE single piece can really change your outfit several different ways! This particular vest was also thrifted for about $10 (similar here from Rue21 for $13 Sleeveless Jean Jacket ). 
Talk about a low-budget impact! 

The 90's are back in full force, and I LOVE it.
The below dress is a summer dress that I paired with a white T for a great 90's look, and then added the jean vest for a fall flair. In the second photo, I had a crop top (short, Britney style-esque) under the vest with it buttoned, and a nice 90's style skirt from Forever 21. It was also thrifted, so I'm not going to lie, it could actually be from a while ago. Here is one similar: Midi Length Skirt- Forever 21. I added some boots for emphasis. 

My suggestions:

  • When I change my wardrobe seasonally (twice a year), I purge. I truly do get rid of things that I never wore the year before, and that I know (if I'm being honest), that I also won't wear this year. 
  • I think about what I'm buying and if my desire is greater for it than my desire to travel. That's where I want the majority of my money to go. 
  • I consider how many outfits I can make, like the statistics question in school: If you go to Chipotle, how many different variations of meal can you make with a few ingredients?

What I find 100% necessary to keep:
  • Jeans, in all sizes. My weight fluctuates. I'm determined to not get to the size I was 2 years ago,  but I'm also not the stick thin that I was when I had to cut dairy from my diet due to medical reasons (post on that later). You never know what could happen. Jeans last a long time and are pricer than most things, so I keep them around. 
  • Two black dresses, in two sizes, one smaller and one larger. 
  • Anything from my grandmother or father (family heirlooms). 

How do you guys save money with a fall wardrobe? I have my favorite thrift shops and then use TJ Maxx as well. Let me know how you do it!
Happy Shopping, and Happy Monday!


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