Friday, September 29, 2017

Office Vibes

Happy Friday!

So, when I moved into my house there was a “spare bedroom”. Now, I do love the occasional party, and since I’ve moved in, I’ve had more parties here than I ever had at my other house. However, my guests aren’t 21 year old college kids. I don’t have many guests spend the night. It seemed frivolous to me to have a spare bedroom that would rarely be used.

So, I did an office instead.

Desk: TJMaxx, Chair: HomeGoods (Tommy Hilfiger), Accessories: HomeGoods, Floor plant: HomeGoods

Best use of space, ever! I LOVE having an office. When you do most of your work from home (and homework) it’s essential. I could never go back.

Photo: Big Lots, Pibble bag: Amazon, Plant: a neighbor on Next Door!

I feel like this post should be sponsored by TJ Maxx and Homegoods, because almost every single thing in my office is from there. Literally, minus the real life plant that I found from someone on Next Door, & photo and clock from Big Lots, the entire office is from TJMaxx or Homegoods. The two plants on the left side are not real, but my awesome bamboo plant on the right is real! 

Plants, shelves, GirlBoss block: HomeGoods, Bamboo plant: Local Amish Market

In sticking to my minimalist strategy, I didn’t want to clutter up the office. I felt that organization and space would lead to true productivity. I used the closet in the room, as a office storage closet, and there’s a bathroom there so it’s the “office bathroom”.

Curtains, rug: HomeGoods

Lastly, my bulletin board, white board and calendar are essential to my productivity. I love having a social media calendar to remind me of when to promote our events and activities. I have a bulletin board as an inspo board, and a holder for receipts that I need to log (Entrepreneur tax life, am I right?). My white board is used for creative ideas such as blog ideas! If I get a burst of creativity I write it down, accomplish it, then erase it for more space next time. My letter holder holds bills I need to pay as well as notes from friends and other creatives.

Calendar/Bulletin/White Board: HomeGoods, Clock: Big Lots, Letter holder: HomeGoods, Foot Step: HomeGoods 

Thanks for checking out my office tour! Stay tuned on my Instagram for one new addition in here next week (it's going to be awesome).

Have a great weekend!

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