Monday, October 16, 2017

From Straight to Curly

I've been straightening my hair since I was about 12 years old. I was constantly jealous of the girls with straight hair. No matter the weather, no matter the workout, their hair was always straight perfection afterwards. I had the curl struggle. If it was humid, forget it. If it rained a little, forget that too. I HATED my curly hair! 

Me with straight hair earlier this year:

That all changed a few months ago. 

Peace out straight hair!

Enter, DevaCurl. 
This is not an ad. This is a way to show you how to get all of the time back that you spent straightening your hair, and to stop being afraid of a little rain! 

I did the math, you'll see it at the end of this video exactly how many hours I save a week and a month. Guys, it's incredible.

Below I outline exactly how I do my hair. Everyone's hair is different, but if yours is close to as curly as mine....well, you're welcome. 

Intro to how it all happened:

Step 1:

Steps 2 + 3:
*don't forget: I suggest not towel drying your hair at all before the gel!

Step 4:

Recap and how much time was saved!

**Special thanks to Jen Padro (Makeup By Jen Padro) and Hair Envy Salon (Hair Envy) for allowing me to try the kit and find out how amazing it is!

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