Friday, October 20, 2017

{Business Corner} Creating A Fun Promo Table in Five Steps!

Happy Friday all! 

My company Simple Solutions Dog Training has been very fortunate in that we are able to attend several events. Every month we have at least one event at a Pet Valu in the area and we love it! We are starting to get more involved at other local events locally as well. When we first started out there was much trial and error to figure everything out. 

Since starting, we have been able to bring more people to our table to learn about their pups at each event! So I wanted to share with you my personal tips for creating a promotional table that will not only bring interest to your business, but be fun for everyone involved. 

With that I give you....

5 Steps for Creating a Fun Promotional Table!

Step 1
 Look Official

It doesn't really matter if it's been 1 week since you started your business or 1 year, the gear will speak to your professionalism. We happen to love Totally Promotional for our logo tablecloths. It was simple and easy to create ours, you just upload your logo and they send you an estimate. The price is the most reasonable that I have found considering we have one that wicks away water (it's a dog training company ya'll). 

5 steps to create a fun promotional table!

Step 2
Information About Your Company

We use Vista Print for our brochures and Cutting Edge Signs (they also did our awesome logo) for our business cards. Our brochures list all of our services and information about myself and Kevin. Our cards list services as well (on the back) but also have all of the information on how to get ahold of us.
If you are in the Baltimore area looking for some serious professional cards and logos, highly recommend Cutting Edge. 
They were easy to work with, affordable, and perfectionists (like me!). 

5 steps to create a fun promotional table!
photo: Landrum Photography

5 steps to create a fun promotional table!

Step 3
Giveaways or Games

Our last event was at the Merritt Athletic club here in White Marsh for their dog swim and it was SO MUCH FUN! We wanted to do something that would still get people excited about our table, despite all of the dogs, people and swimming. 
So we went with "make your own treat" bags. It was so much fun for everyone. We offered several different types of treats, all made in the US, some gluten free, some just for puppies, some wheat free, etc. It was a major hit! For the kids, we also had stickers so that they could decorate their bags. The bags and stickers were bought at the dollar store. 
This doesn't have to be an expensive hit to your budget at all. 
Just fun!

5 steps to create a fun promotional table!
Bags are the blue, green and red with stickers next to them. 
We also sometimes do logo frisbees from Quality Logo (left hand side).

5 steps to create a fun promotional table!
Our assortment of treats with labels. 
Treats bought at TJ Maxx. 
Containers from the Dollar Tree, 
adorable mini scoops from Amazon - link here.

Step 4
Follow Up

At each event we have our newsletter sign up so that customers are able to sign up to stay in the know with us. This allows them to remember who the "cool dog trainers" were that they met that day (yes, I said it). It's hard at events with everything going on to remember who you spoke to. 
Cards and brochures can be lost. But a newsletter....well that is forever. 

5 steps to create a fun promotional table!
We just love this cute Dachshund pen from the Dollar Tree!

Step 5
Be Approachable

You wouldn't believe it but I've been to events where the people at the table looked angry, miserable and downright just NOT happy to be there. You'd ask them questions and they barely answered. Or worse, no one was at the table when you went by to even ask questions to! Whaaat?
No good, friends! 
Make sure you look alive (even if you don't feel alive), smile, and have a genuine conversation. 
We love "ask the trainer" events at Pet Valu (as a matter of fact we have one tomorrow in Aberdeen!). People come to us with their pup problems (#pupprobz, let's start it) and we have an entire conversation, learn about them, and also see pup photos (or meet the pup). 
Always be friendly and approachable. It will go a LONG WAY!

5 steps to create a fun promotional table!
Here I am struggling at the last event to be approachable right after foot surgery. 
But even in my pain, I was smiling!
That event was so fun. 

A few more tips. 
Take care to do the following as well:
  • Be organized, be ready in advance for your event. 
  • Know your plan. Know your giveaway and put thought into it. 
  • Anticipate questions. Think about what you will want to talk about. Have a "lead in" question if people are nervous. I'm shy by nature, so I want to make people comfortable. 
  • If we are at a rescue event, we don't bring our own dog. We never want to take away from the dogs that are up for adoption. They deserve ALL of the attention. Think about what kind of event it is that you are attending.
  • Know the rules. Don't bring something that will upset the person holding the event. Know what is allowed, and what isn't. 
Any questions? Shoot me a comment or email. I'd be happy to help!

Have a good weekend. 


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