Monday, October 2, 2017

Routine (n.) - A Fixed Program

Good morning!

So in my Friday post I showed a tour of my office! Many people commented on the photo or in person to me that I was kind of "dressed up" for working from home. Well, first of all, I think we can all agree that maxi skirts are just a sneaky way of being as comfortable as yoga pants but look more dressy. So that doesn't count. I mean, it's not like I was wearing a pencil skirt, blouse, and heels, so let's be real. If you look closely I wasn't even wearing shoes! That's the hippie in me, and there's an interesting story about why I actually hardly ever wear shoes at home (for another time). 

It led me to my routine for this post. At one point, I was so busy, I planned my day by the hour! I don't do that now (it didn't really work out anyway). But I do have an outline!

I usually wake up around 7/7:30AM and post my pre-thought out social media posts. I also have coffee pre-made the night before. So afterwards, I grab a cup, then get Ella ready for her morning walk. 

Bottle: Dollar Tree, Mug: TJMaxx (where else), Cactus: free (same amazing person on NextDoor)

We walk for 45 minutes-1 hour on most days. It wasn't always this way. However, I started walking her in the AM on the long line instead of her 6 foot leash, and she loved it. So now we are more adventurous and found hiking trails nearby and walk around the local high school. It's her favorite part of the day (unless we get fro-yo or bacon (shoutout to Diablo Donuts), then THAT'S her favorite part of the day). 

Harness: Halti-Harness, Long line: Pet Valu

Once we are back, I do a few more things on social media for work, check out my schedule for the day, and then shower and get dressed! I'm a firm believer of always getting dressed, even when working from home. If you stay in your sweats or PJs all day, you just aren't as productive, I promise. So, I make myself get dressed. Honestly, I'm usually driving to market the business on most days anyway, so I'm not completely at home, really ever. If I am, it's because I have a project, like getting my office together last week!

Tank: Kohls, Shorts: Under Armour, Waterproof Hiking Boots: Timberland, Backpack: Tin Lizzy Fashion Truck

Then the day goes on, I'll grab an uncrustable (yes I eat these) for lunch most days, and plan my dinner for the evening before I leave. This way I can set out food to de-frost. I follow my day schedule and run errands, then I make it home for dinner. Ella and I usually do a shorter night walk. Sometimes though she's too tired from the day, since she is usually with me for errands, meetings and marketing. I'd like to say I go to bed early, but it's usually around 11pm-Midnight (I need to work on this).

Collar: theHoundHaberdashery

Let me know your schedule and what you think about getting dressed for working from home! Happy Monday! 


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