Monday, November 27, 2017

3 Reasons Why "Giving Tuesday" {Should Go to the Dogs}

I'm kind-of into dogs.
Just a little.

Ok. More than a little.  Have you met me?
I'm a dog fanatic. It's true. We all know it. 
(And that little LLC we started in February this year.)
But my heart belongs to rescue dogs. 

No details on my outfit, it is not from this season, and this post is for the doggos!
I will say Ella's down jacket came (strangely) from Macys last year.
However Pet Valu has some GREAT sales today on sweaters,
and I'm convinced they are much warmer than this jacket.

Why should you support a local Baltimore rescue this season and more importantly, this Tuesday?

Because they give us our best friends, our support, and it gives us the opportunity to change the life of a small creature, who does nothing but love us back, unconditionally.

Here are 3 BIG Reasons Why You Should Support Rescues for Giving Tuesday.

1. Rescue workers are tirelessly working to make a difference. 
They don't do it for the fame and fortune, they do it because they love animals, and want to help them. Most are volunteers, who spend their time in the cold, in the rain, & in "not fun" conditions walking the dogs and just sitting with them and comforting them. Sometimes what they see is happy, sometimes it is heartbreak.
 Also, many rescues rely on volunteers to "foster" dogs. That means these fosters care for the pups around the clock. Talk about a full time job, on top of a regular full time job! Except one of those jobs is paid through the reward of knowing you helped change a dogs life. That, is a special person. 

2. Many rescues (with some exceptions) are privately funded. 
If they are not privately funded, even state funded, they do not have a large budget for the amount of animals that they take in. This means they completely rely on the donations that we give, tomorrow on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year. 
Wouldn't it be nice if they could take in more animals without worry? Or not stress when an animal has a condition that requires pricier vet care? Most rescues pay for spay/neuter, medicines, puppy care, regular vaccines, microchipping, and food on top of any extra care that is needed. 
That can get pricey. 
Specialized rescues like Wings of Love, Kuwait, also pay for plane rides for the dogs alone, and sometimes for volunteers + dogs. Wow! 

3. Lastly but certainly not least, you are saving a life, and changing yours in the meantime.
 If it weren't for these rescues, our hearts would not be as full. 
That pink pup in the jacket above is a rescue. My dog Ella came to me right after my dad died. While the hole in my heart from that experience will never completely be filled, she helped to fill it in every way she possibly could! 
Ella changed my life. 
She challenges me, she gets me moving when I'm sad, and she snuggles me every single day (she's not a therapy dog, but if I sit and I'm sad for too long at any given time, she will 100% make me get off the couch throughout the day. If I'm just being lazy, she will leave me be). She's been with me through several different moves (I'm a gypsy what can I say) and has loved every place that we have lived. She's never met a person she didn't like, even if they were apprehensive of her at first. 
She's taught me a lot about the world and second chances. Her previous life was not the best, and she has shown me that even a past that is unpleasant, can be overcome. 

So go! 
Donate- or go find your best friend!
There are many who would LOVE a home for the holidays. 
And if you see a rescue worker or volunteer, make sure you say "thanks". 
I'm sure it will mean a lot to them.

Looking for a great rescue to donate to in Baltimore? 
I'd love to recommend the following:

Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue

*These links are to their Facebook pages, each has instructions already for 
Giving Tuesday on their page*

Have a great week!

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