Monday, November 6, 2017

Confessions of a Redhead

"Redheads are so in right now"
Words I NEVER thought I would hear.
red hair love
My exact face if you had tried to tell me that at the time.
My entire life was filled with "ginger, carrot top, your hair is orange..." etc.

I won't bore you with my tales of being left out and not "fitting in". 
Everyone has a story like that for one reason or another.

I will however tell you that I never liked being different or unique.

Until now.
red hair love
Oooh look, it's me being totally fine with having red hair.
shirt, overalls and socks: Forever21
pink overall dress sold out, similar here
boots: kohls

I dyed my hair just about every "natural" hair color 
to get away from red.

Blonde happened to be what I identified with most, so there are more photos 
of me with blonde hair (not quality photos by the way).

Christmas, 2012

Even when I decided to go back to red, I couldn't fully commit so I did red with purple.
I mean, and also for the Ravens that season.

 The other problem was, that as part of my "creativeness" I was always bored.
Red bored me after a while, I know that may seem crazy.
Most people do red because it's so "different".

red hair love
I get my pose inspo and hair inspo from @hippieGG- Instagram

Coloring my hair gave me a rush that I couldn't explain.
That wasn't where the problem was, there's nothing wrong with coloring your hair.

The problem was changing who I was every few months.
Changing who you are becomes very tiring.

red hair love
When you are finally able to be who you are, you'll never want to go back.

I LOVE this new culture where it's cool to stand out.
It's now "the thing" to embrace who you are.
Originality is "in". 

red hair love
Being YOURSELF is the most fun. Forget hair color.

You know what else is in? Mermaids.
Basically, all of my dreams have come true.

Have an AWESOME week and BE YOURSELF!
Positive vibes always.

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