Monday, November 13, 2017

The Secret To Expending Your Dog's Energy

When I first started working with Ella, my personal dog, 
(this was over 4 years ago) she was not a family favorite at the holidays.
My family is probably reading this like "that's not true"... (*cringing inside*) 
Oh, but it is. You're just being nice.

She was a crazy pup, wouldn't stop jumping, & always had energy.
No matter how much she was walked, there was so much energy.
Some of that was age, some was, she just had energy!

Sound like your dog? Want to know a secret?

You can't get rid of a dog's energy through walking alone.


But then, how?

Typical hiking look, leggings (Nike- for Kohls),
Backpack (holds dog gear and camera gear- Tin Lizzy Mobile Boutique),
Vest: Maurices (totally not this season, or even last season)
Dog training shoes (for work too- Timberland), Ella has a halti-harness, my favorite kind.
Long line can be purchased at Pet Valu. 


Ah, yes, I said it. 

"But Sarah, training is SO BORING. I don't have time." 

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you SAID THAT! Because I have a great answer.

Train, while you walk. 
Yes, you are going to do mental exercises, and physical exercises, at the SAME TIME. 

Sound better? 

Here is Ella, doing the "up" command. 
She's able to distinguish "up" from "off". 
I don't always want Ella not jumping on me, I like her pibble (see: (n) pit-bull) hugs. 
So when I want her up, we do "up".
And when I want her off we do "off". 

Notice that I have an extremely long leash in my hand in the above photo?
Why am I doing that?
Because A. it allows her more space to roam on walks, and she is leash trained, 
i.e. does not pull.
But for training, B. It allows us to practice "recall" on walks, otherwise known as the "come" command. 

Off-leash walking for dogs is prohibited in most all public locations in Maryland. 
Fun fact. 
Also, if you are doing recall (off-leash) with your pup and say "come" and he/she does not come, you have no way to get him/her back to you. 
This could become dangerous.

So we use this "long line".
 Right now our mission is recall and leaving from squirrels. 
This is a new found joy of Ella's. The city did not produce many squirrels like Baltimore County.

Oh the fun.

Want to see more fun training in action? 
Check us out on the Simple Solutions Dog Training page for videos- here!

Have a great week!

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