Monday, December 4, 2017

3 Ways To Get Through Finals Season!

My friends are probably laughing as they read this because I've been working
around the clock.....
since two weeks ago.

But, I have used a few methods that have kept me sane throughout the years
 (albeit not void from tiredness) that I thought I would share!

 1st up, coffee. 
However, that's not the real secret.
The real secret is: this should also follow a good night of sleep
How do you get a good night of sleep?
Start preparing your paper and finals way in advance. 
What's the real first step?
1. Prepare for your paper and finals in advance, not at the last moment.

3 ways to get through finals season
I was drinking Zeke's! No shock there.

2. Exercise. 
No I'm not talking the meme "exercise...eggsercise...eggsaresides....for bacon".
I mean good old fashioned, exercise.
For me, I can't use the excuse that I don't have time, because I have a dog who says
 "well you had better make time."
Talk about a real accountability partner. 
Ever had someone hold you 100% accountable who didn't speak?
Meet Ella (on the right). 

3 ways to get through finals season

3. Take breaks.
It was my birthday this year during my capstone MBA class.
This wasn't my favorite thing ever.
I thought about cancelling some of the fun activities that I had planned but I thought 
"no way, it's my 30th birthday!"
So, I went and saw The Lion King at the Hippodrome
So fun (and it's still going on)!

3 ways to get through finals season
Dress: Free People, Sweater: Express (many moons ago), Boots: Kohls
Necklace: Jen Padro collection

No, I don't feel that this information is particularly ground breaking.
But I do feel that sometimes, we need to be reminded of those three things.
To all of my fellow students, undergrad or grad this year.
I wish you luck.

The last tip I have for you (not included in the three)
is Celebrate!
I know my friends and I will be!

3 ways to get through finals season
Taken at Wit and Wisdom (sparkling rose)


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