Friday, December 15, 2017

I'm 30 Now, So Let's Talk Skin Care!

Raise your hand if you are VERY into skin care!
A few months ago, I would not have raised my hand.
Back when I did makeup for Estee Lauder in college, I was all about the skincare, and then somehow, it went by the wayside. 
Ever since I started following my blogger hero, Lauryn Bosstick, of the Skinny Confidential I've become obsessed with my skin again!

So much so, that's I've tried several products and this is what I'm currently loving:
FYI I have combo skin that in the summer is oilier, and in the winter is as DRY AS THE DESERT.

Morning Routine:
Add in Clinique Moisture Surge as needed
Systane eye drops- Ok not for skin, but my eyes are also dry in the winter!

Night Routine:
I love love love Philosophy Products
Cleanser: Purity, by Philosophy
Anti-wrinkle moisturizer- Miracle by Philosophy
For the lips, as simple as Vaseline!
Not pictured morning or daytime: 
Simple saline nose spray 
really helps me to not get sick in the winter, and after those 2 (or 3) glasses of wine nights!

And then a few more things (winter wise) that help:

Hand cream by Philosophy and Systane Eye Drops but the Gel, they are more moisturizing.

I hope that you find this helpful!
Next on my list, is a face massager. 
If anyone can recommend one under $100, let me know!

Happy weekend. 

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