Monday, December 18, 2017

We Can Hear the Bells....

And they aren't Christmas bells!
No, wedding season is right around that corner, and already I have a friend engaged, (congrats Lauren love ya girl). 
My dog training company Simple Solutions Dog Training has already started our prep!

Huge thank you to Elite Secrets Bridal for having us at your holiday party
this past weekend! So much fun!

Why dog wedding services?
First of all, your dog is family, & we LOVE seeing them included in your special day.
But it's not always a simple task. 
We've heard of day of dog wedding services, but we wanted to take it a little bit further.
So many people have said to us "I'd love to have my pup in my wedding, they are my best friend, but I'm not sure how to go about it, or what I'd do after the ceremony". 
We want your day to be perfect. So we created this service at the beginning of this year!
Because of our experience with dog training and behaviors, there are many different
feelings your pup can have before the wedding (just like you!).
We are able to spot stress and other behaviors and help put your pup at ease so that they 
have a good experience on your special day, and spot problematic things before they happen! 
(so that they don't happen). 
As dog professionals, feel assured that anything that arises, 
we are fully capable to help and work around it!

What are your services?
We offer, two training sessions before the wedding ON LOCATION.
This means, by the time your wedding rolls around, your pup is comfortable with the venue.
This makes a huge difference in how they act, feel, behave, etc. during the ceremony, we've seen it first hand!
No training required? No problem. 
We have two training packages.
*One with training
*One without training
We also do customized packages, if you just want to pick and choose services. 
If you decide against training, we would want to still do an (included) meet & greet and offer training suggestions, for a flawless day.
We come to the rehearsal, and help with any photos beforehand. 

Then of course we are there to help day of which includes:
Getting your dog there an hour ahead of time (or more for photos), walk them beforehand, then help with photos, help with any assistance for ceremony,
and take your pup home afterwards!
We are willing to do feeding at the home once we arrive, and stay up to 30 minutes afterwards to make sure they are well adjusted at home.
We also offer help with outfits for the wedding, & 
we LOVE flower collars.

Photo: MWPA

Find us coming up at the Maryland Wedding Expo (it's two days total)
January 5th and 6th at the Timonium Fairgrounds!

We will be giving away ALL OF THE COOZIES.
 (We have a few hundred) 
as well as have a spinning wheel for prizes!

Stay tuned for some styled doggie shoots coming soon as well. 
We are so excited for 2018!

Have a great week.

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