Friday, February 9, 2018

{Love Yourself Day}

Otherwise known as....Valentine's Day. 
When you are single, Valentine's Day can really mess with your head and emotions, 
but only if you let it!

valentine's love yourself inspo
Valentine Inspo Photos:
Taken at the Baltimore Museum of Art
Photographer: Cassidy Toulan
Hair: Hair Envy & Co (Pilar Padro)
Makeup: Makeup By Jen Padro
Outfit: Forever 21

I said at the beginning of January that last year I was on a path to self love and was starting to really accept myself finally.
There are many reasons for this. But for years after my dad died, I really struggled. 
I struggled with loving myself, because I just wanted to feel numb. 
I struggled to find an identity without my dad. I struggled to accept myself. 
Now, much of this also stemmed from experiences in school and everything when I was younger, being the weird girl with not only red hair, but curly red hair. 
All I wanted was to be someone I wasn't.
(Blonde, straight hair, athletic, etc.)

valentine's love yourself inspo

That's clearly not what the universe intended, and I'm glad.

+ There is power in loving yourself for you. 
+ There is power in accepting yourself for you.
+ There's power in realizing that if people can't accept you for you, 
they weren't meant to be in your life anyway. 

I went from hating when people would say they loved my hair (for years and years) to now loving each compliment that I receive. Instead of not liking to stand out, I've embraced it. 

So now I can be having a bad day, and someone will randomly compliment me and turn everything around. Small gifts from the universe for accepting myself. 
And it makes me wish I had done this earlier.

valentine's love yourself inspo

The problem with not loving myself, was that I attracted people (men specifically) that didn't love me either. Because how hard is it to respect someone, who doesn't respect themself? 
I struggled with being single, because I thought something was wrong with me. 
But the only thing "wrong with me" was that I didn't even love myself! 
So how could someone else?

The journey that I'm currently on, has led me to this path where I now love and accept myself- and what a complete difference it has made in my life!

valentine's love yourself inspo

I'm FINALLY happy, I'm working hard every day to make a difference for others, dogs, and grow a business that I can be proud of, and I graduate with my MBA in May.
Every day I feel like I learn something new about me and the person I really am, and have become. 
I'm making an effort to eat well, take care of myself, and it appears that my 30's are really a brand new leaf for me. The leaf that was there all along, but that I can finally see. 

And that, is a love to celebrate on Valentine's Day. 

Love to all of you,

Special thanks to Cassidy Toulan who took these amazing photos. 
This was my first "photoshoot" and she made it a wonderful experience, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.
Another special thanks to my best friend Jen Padro who did my makeup with 1 hour notice, and Pilar Padro who did my hair with about a five minute notice. Mi familia, te quiero mucho.

valentine's love yourself inspo

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