Friday, February 2, 2018

National Love Your Pet Day!

It's February. 
The season of love. 

And I'm single, so there's that. 

I'm not mad about it though.
And I LOVE Valentine's Day, single or not.

So instead of celebrating a significant other this month, I'm celebrating my best friend, Ella.

dog is love
She is forever stealing my yoga mat, and my heart. And trying to
eat my list of reasons why I love her. 

Tuesday, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day!

To celebrate, my company Simple Solutions Dog Training & our collaborator
 Pet Valu want to honor all of our dog lovers out there! 

From now until Feb 19th, we want to share the love with you! 
Share a photo of you and your doggie best friend, or just your doggie and give us the biggest reason why you love them on FB or Instagram! 
Then tag Simple Solutions Dog Training, and Pet Valu so we know about your post. 
+ We will be using the hashtag #SSDTDOGLOVE +

Winners receive a $10 GC from Pet Valu and a goodie basket. 
dog is my zen
Dog is my Zen sweatshirt by Dog is Good- here.

Here are my reasons why I love Ella:
+She's not a therapy dog, but she acts like one. 
If I'm sick or hurt, she's always trying to make me feel better 
(like trying to lick my tattoo when it was healing). 
+She knows the difference between me having a lazy day on the couch (mainly because they are not frequent), and a depression day. If I'm having a sad day, she gets me off of the couch every hour on the hour. Seriously, she's very intuitive. 
+She has been there for me on my hardest days. And she never leaves.
+I'm never lonely.
+I feel extremely safe at home. 
+Her personality is hilarious and so human-esque. She makes me laugh every day. 
+She has never met a human she didn't like. I say "like" and not "love" because she wasn't a fan of a few guys I dated. But all she did was ignore them. It was actually pretty funny. 
+She puts up with my photo shoots and outfits. 
+She is extremely patient with kids and puppies. 
The list goes on and on and on. 

Of course you don't need to put that many reasons for the contest.
Just one is totally fine, but feel free to do as you wish!

dog love

Have a great weekend!
SBR & EllaR

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