Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Oui, C'est Oui Fresh!

Alright, I'm not USUALLY big into subscription boxes. 
I'm just going to put it out there. 

But, I'm also becoming increasingly aware of what I put on and in my body.
And I'm not GREAT at regularly trying new products either. 

Regardless, when I visited Thailand, we went to a factory where they showed us what is put in body powders (even baby powder!) and to be honest, I was pretty alarmed.

I started to look into common body products that we use daily more and more.
I didn't like what I was finding.

Then one day I was scrolling through my insta story feed as usual, and one of my favorite blogger teams A Beautiful Mess posted in their stories about Oui Fresh.

It just fits nicely with the boho lifestyle too.

What is Oui Fresh?
From their website:


Non-toxic? Sign me up.

The price of a box starts at $19.99 a month.

But in this box alone, my two favorite products, the OY-L body butter and the Juice Beauty luminizer blush were over that cost. The body butter alone would retail for $10, the blush $30, and there were still several other samples in the box along with a bottle of lemon scented essential oil.

Can I just tell you how much I want that car print as a framed print for my house?

The best part is, I was about to go to the store and buy the same old blush that I always use- and here was a new one, non-toxic and ready for me to try!
And I LOVE it. There was also a highlighter oil sample (smells like lavender) from URB Apothecary that paired great with the blush. 

After highlighting and "blushing". That bathroom lighting though.

Plus, most importantly, the products are also cruelty free.

What I love about this butter is that it's also lavender scented. So I use my favorite from Skincare by Jen Padro during the day (also organic) and use this body butter at night for maximum relaxation. 
The perfect combination!

This blush stick has two different colors! One side is Rose and one side is blush. More of a peach and more of a pink, depending on your skin tones. I love it because it's great for all seasons!

Lemon essential oil is my favorite for morning! 
Lemon wakes me up and gets me going- just like hot lemon water.

If you try it out let me know. 
To me the price is worth it, the products are worth it, and well, it gets me to try new things.
I did not partner with them. 
In fact, they told me their product is "flying off of the shelves" so fast, they can barely keep up! Which is a good thing. 

I look forward to seeing more months of boxes, but for me- I'm definitely going to continue!

Have a great week.


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