Friday, March 2, 2018

Interview: Myth & Moss

Whatever you want to call it!

I’ve been getting into more small businesses interviews lately on the blog (have you noticed?), trying to do at least one a month but I may kick it up a notch. There are so many awesome local businesses in Baltimore that I think deserve attention and so many hard working people either doing it full time or as a side gig. I respect the hustle, and also love their work! I already have another in the works coming in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

myth and moss
Myth and Moss Logo

I first came upon Myth & Moss on instagram (no shock there) scrolling through other Baltimore creative pages and the macrame caught my eye- first the plant holders, but then the other hangings as well. Then I saw they were in Baltimore, and I was so excited! Based on my home décor on my instagram you probably know that I LOVE macrame, and I also love Baltimore local businesses- ESPECIALLY that are women owned. Because well, I also own a small Baltimore business, and am of the woman variety. But still, shoutout to all of the Baltimore businesses, women or men owned- it’s not easy!

Taylor, owner and creator of Myth & Moss

I reached out to Taylor because I wanted to get to know her and her business better, and we sat down at Artifact coffee to chat and meet up. So much fun learning about her business, the background and her! She’s so easy to talk to, has so much great information, and we had a great time- for 2 hours! Side note: those biscuits at Artifact Coffee are to die for & the mint tea latte is my FAVORITE.

So I wanted to share what I learned, and tell you to check her out!

What is Myth & Moss?

Myth & Moss is handmade macrame, weaving and other home décor made in Baltimore
by Taylor Riley.
The name comes from a sense of childhood nostalgia for folklore, whimsical play, and curiosity. Moss is a favorite plant of Taylor’s and has a similar texture to the fibers used in her handmade products, but also matches the natural vibe of her products. Combining nature and whimsy gives this company a name that suits its products, for sure!

One of her awesome planters!

How long have you been creating these types of products?

“I’ve been weaving for about a year. I actually took a macrame class at the Baltimore Museum of Art and loved it! I love textiles and fiber art and I’ve been knitting, crocheting, and sewing since I was a child.”
In fact, her boyfriend, an engineer, actually made her a wooden loom (it’s very impressive, I saw a pic!). Taylor went on to say that her mother has always had a crafting talent and she learned from her - the skill runs in the family. As a child, she learned to knit and sew from her mom.

What do you love most about this type of work?

Taylor said she feels the work is therapeutic, especially after her regular 9-5 job in healthcare. She likes to come home and just work on a project a bit at a time and it helps her unwind after a long day. Much of the work is repetitive, making it almost meditative and very enjoyable. It’s also a great creative outlet to come up with new designs and color schemes.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Can you do custom pieces?

Yes! She can. Her work can be customized in size and color to suit your home décor needs. In fact, when I was there, I told her about how I wanted planters around my bay window, and she actually designed (in 5 minutes) how I could do it. I was impressed! She doesn’t necessarily offer that as a service yet, but can give AWESOME direction. Photos coming soon!

Adorable Coasters

I love to ask this question of all my interviewees:

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned so far being an entrepreneur/or small business in Baltimore?

“I was born and raised in Baltimore and I love this city. There are so many amazing artists, shops, and beautiful houses to be inspired by every day! There is also an incredible community of creative people here and everyone is so encouraging and supportive. Owning a small business has opened me up to meeting new people and being a more active participant in this community.”

Thanks Taylor for doing this interview with the SarahbethRamsey blog!
I enjoyed meeting you and can't wait to see my finished window with planters.

Have a great weekend all!

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