Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Snow in Color

For everyone here in Maryland (and surrounding states) you knew that for a minute, it seemed like Spring was really here.
And then, we received A LOT of snow. 

There was just one problem...
I had already transitioned into bright spring clothes!

I wasn't about to change that just for a little (ok a lot of) snow. 

Besides, I had just bought a new winter hat (on clearance from Three Bird Nest) anyway.
Why not go ahead and get it out?!

My point is, just because it snowed, didn't mean the color had to stop!

spring snow in color

Now for me, there's no real such thing as a "snow day", as I mostly work from home. 
BUT I did spend so much time going through and getting rid of clothes,  bags, jewelry, office junk, etc during the entire snow (Tuesday-Wednesday) and it felt GOOD. 

spring snow in color

I showed my niece a few photos in advance, and she said "I always love all of your clothes". 
Fun fact, my jacket was thrifted, as was my sweater! Most of my clothes are thrifted, unless I find a serious clearance sale somewhere, or I shop local!
My new hat is from Three Bird Nest, and the really cool thing about this hat, is that it has a hole at the top-that you can't see unless you use it for a messy bun or pony tail!
The earrings were a find from my trip to Mexico last year. However, my fav fashion truck (Gogo's) has some that are similar. This blue is so bright and warm. 

spring snow in color

Three Bird Nest is a very cute online boutique that has boho clothes and accessories. So far I can only attest to the accessories,  but I love everything that I've purchased!
She has a weekly sale, so I usually watch religiously to see what it will be.

spring snow in color

One of the biggest things that I'm excited for this spring is getting my outdoor patio and garden going! I just live for the fresh flowers, food, and sunshine!

Until then...I'm going to keep the colors alive and I'm not looking back until it's warm. 

Have a great weekend!


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