Monday, March 5, 2018

The Deva Cut

So hair cuts are not really my thing. 
I really like length and want my hair to grow, so I never do the trims. 
It's bad, I know. 
I've been obsessed with deva curl ever since my best friend Jen introduced me to the products. My curls were already looking so much better than ever before. 
But the ends started to be bad after some time and I knew eventually, I would need to cut my hair. 
After watching the deva curl instagram, basically every day, I was introduced to the deva cut.
I was afraid the only place to get one was in New York.
But then a fab hair dresser Anjelica on instagram who works here in Baltimore at Brocatos Studio of Hair Design, posted some of her photos of the deva cut that she had just done, and it was fate!
I set up an appointment. 

Here is the before photo of my hair:

See what I mean about straggly ends? 
And I knew this, I was just trying to ignore it because I really liked my length. 

The cool thing about this haircut is that they cut the hair while dry. 
Basically, as Anjelica put it, they cut the way the hair "lives". 

Here is what I looked like after the dry cut- looks crazy at first right?

Then once it is cut, you go in for a wash! 

But here is a trick I 100% never knew.
You leave the majority of the your hair!
You don't wash it all out.
Also, did you know curly hair has a memory?
So you actually set your hair in the shower.
The conditioner should be finger combed and your hair scrunched in different places. 
It will retain the scrunching!
Crazy right?

After it was washed, we put a towel on the ground and I flipped my dripping wet hair over and we put the products in. The towel stayed for all of the drips, and for any that made it's way to my face (have to protect the morning makeup!)

Then I went to the heat dry.

We didn't leave it there for long, but instead went back to the chair and dried it some more with a diffuser. 

The results were AMAZING!
At first I was thinking "wow it looks so short!" but she didn't really take much length off.
Because my hair was so hydrated and healthy, the curls were much curlier!
And the shine was incredible.

deva cut

deva cut

So cool right? Another thing we switched up was that I'm using the more wavy products for my hair. My hair is somewhere in between curly and wavy, and the wavy products seemed to be lighter on my hair. 

Here are the products used (plus a styling cream that I already owned).

Are you also a curly hair girl? Let me know if you've ever tried Deva Curl!

By the way...
Deva Curl is

Definitely a product that I can get behind. 
Thank you Anjelica!
deva cut

Have a great week!

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