Monday, April 23, 2018

Interview with Sillie Mugo from Sillie Mugo Art

It had been a while since I had been to Ellicott City, and we decided to try out Bean Hollow coffee shop (well it was my first time going, but not Ms. Mugo's). 
I thoroughly enjoyed my tuna sandwich and the atmosphere! But not as much as I enjoyed speaking with Sillie Mugo about her beautiful artwork. 

Because our interview was more of a "story time", I'm going to write the blog in the same fashion.
Ms. Mugo has such an interesting story.

When she was just a sophomore in high school she moved with her mother to the United States from Kenya. As if high school isn't hard enough for us right? New language, culture, and home?! I can't even imagine. Makes having weird frizzy red hair, glasses, and braces, look a lot less intimidating. 
 I'll never complain again about how painful high school was (and I bet you won't either)!
Because everything was different (she had already learned calculus in 6th grade back in Nairobi- yes, 6th grade- you read that right), she found that the only thing that was the same here, was art. Interestingly enough she noted that there were many international students in the art class. The one thing that is the same in any language- (along with math- any mean girls fans out there?), but I guess that if you're already a calculus expert, while it's the same, it's still boring.
{And also I believe Katy was from South Africa...}

Sillie Mugo, and her artwork

Sillie has a natural knack for the arts. In fact, in college, she studied theatre as her major. Her mom, like many parents who move their kids to the US, thought she'd be a doctor, lawyer, or something of that nature. But she allowed her to pursue her passion. She also allowed her to pursue her art- which has now taken off! Her mom is so proud of her accomplishments and stands beside her choices (and dreams of them one day attending the Oscars!).
 Sillie also said something that really resonated with me. She said many parents say "we didn't move here and were given this chance for you to study theatre or music or art." To that Sillie says "that's exactly why we moved here, so that we could pursue our dreams, and be given opportunities here, that we wouldn't have had otherwise back at home". 

Sillie's art is currently hanging at Calvert Brewing in Upper Marlboro as well as Atwaters in Catonsville if you ever find yourself at either location!
OR if you have a location where you are looking to hang beautiful art like below- give her a shout!

Artwork - "Butterfly Kisses"

Upcoming Events:
Creative Hub Baltimore
Cocktails & Creatives
Saturday 4/28

POP UP West Elm DC

More to come shortly!
Watch her instagram for details.

Artwork- "Pursuit of Happiness"

I love this art so much. I asked Sillie how she came up with her ideas. She said this type of art pictured above is the type that comes most naturally to her. If you were to give her a blank canvas, this is exactly how she'd start to paint. Most artists, she mentioned, will tell you that it's all trial and error, or rather experimentation. She creates her art in her studio which is in the sunroom of her apartment. I LOVE a good sunroom! I started imagining plants and art immediately.

But her favorite part of all, is seeing other people's reactions when they see her art. She loves the look of pure happiness that comes across their faces, & even if they don't buy, she knows she has made a difference in their day that day. 

And that, is why she creates her art. 

Best wishes for a great week!

{You can reach Sillie Mugo Art through her instagram or through}

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