Saturday, May 26, 2018

Interview: Beltway Merch

I had the privilege of sitting down with Angela of Beltway Merch recently to discuss her business! Angela and I met because I saw some adorable dog collars at the Towson Festival recently, and the rest was history.
We met at the awesome new Cake by Jason Hisley location in Timonium, and it was nothing short of absolutely delish. Jason is also the sweetest, and spoke to us about his new place, his projects and his two adorable bulldogs. 

photo by: the Boho Lens

This cake is my all time favorite. 

Angela has been in business since 2009.
With a background in photography, she found herself in need of a new job due to a company merger, where they ended up with too many employees, and therefore started making cuts.
Not overly concerned, Angela enjoyed her break from years of 9-5, and one day saw some cute but expensive belts that gave her the inspiration to try it out herself. Once she made her first belt she was hooked! And that's when she started her Etsy shop.
Obviously a creative, she worked at it until she perfected her art, and she now HANDmakes her items.

Angela spends over 40-50 hours a week just making her products, and spends almost as many hours driving to and being at events during the week.

Here are some questions that I had for Angela!

How do you make your designs?
(side note: many of her designs are MD themed)
She answered, that she uses photoshop especially for the MD flag themed paw print and flamingos. She creates them herself except her logo- her boyfriend made that! Everything that she makes is hers, except of course the actual MD flag and USA flag.
The designs are from photographs and others are drawings.
My dog Ella has the cutest watermelon collar which I'm sure many of you have seen. It's so sweet and she gets compliments several times a week.

Ella and her new watermelon collar.

Do you do custom designs?
She answered yes she does! She actually just did custom collars for Show Your Soft Side (link). She sells them in bulk to the organization at wholesale price.
Bulk is around 11-12 collars at a time.
Not a bad deal at all!

What do all of your products entail?
She makes:
Dog + Cat Collars and Leashes
Dog Bandanas (in the works)

Unfinished Bows

Don't you love these designs? So many MD vibes!

How many events do you do a week?
She does events during the summer every Saturday, usually Sundays, then Thursdays at the Towson Farmers Market (so catch her there!) and Fridays. She is frequently at local events and food truck events as well.

Angela recently at Black Eyed Susan Day at Pimlico

What is the best way to contact you?
Via email -----> Email is here!

Marketing Note:
She uses a "card" that is also a sticker with a MD flag themed crab, and all of her info on the other side. So not only do you get a cute card, but it's also a sticker that people will want to keep. I think it's GENIUS.

Thanks so much for meeting with me Angela-
make sure you check her out!

Have a great weekend.

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