Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The People Behind Sarah E. Ramsey, MBA


Wow, I seriously can't believe the day is finally here.
I've been in grad school at the University of Baltimore since Fall 2015.

It wasn't an easy process. I had to take the GMAT, a test for business students (potential MBA students) that is FULL of math, math, and more math.

What's the one thing I have always struggled with? Math.

Anyway, after that test, and acceptances to both UB & Loyola, I chose UB. 
I chose UB because they had a program that combined classes there and at Towson, and as you probably now know, I also graduated from Towson (undergrad). 
The program has since ended, but my diploma will have both schools.

I started this grad student journey when I was at a very complicated time of my life. My dad had been gone for about 2 years and I knew I was in the wrong career. However I didn't know what career to chose, so I went back to school.
It has a happy ending though right? 
As you know, I found my way, and I have days full of happiness and doing as I please. 
It wasn't easy, there were many scary days, and nights and weeks, and months. 
Sometimes I'm still nervous about things, but I'm on the right path this time, and that gives me so much comfort.

That leads me to what this post is really about, the people attending my graduation.
If I told them in advance I was writing this, there would've been much protestation. 
So I didn't.

I didn't get to where I am today, on this amazing day, by myself.

I dedicated my hat to my dad and Ella, and you've read that story.
Now here is the rest.


That's me- as a baby!

Where do I even start?
My mom has been there for me since day 1. 
We've always been best friends, and I've always wanted to be exactly like her. 
From singing, to fashion, to strength, I've always looked up to her. 
When I told my mom that I wanted to change everything she always stood behind me, 
she stood up for me, and she helped me get there.
My mom and I went through something that I wish on absolutely no one, 
the loss of a husband and a father. 
We'd both give anything for him to be here today, but she's done an excellent job of being both a mom and a dad over the past 5 years, and I really don't know how she does it.
My mom helped me get here today make no mistake. 
Without her, I wouldn't be the person that I am standing on that stage or off. 
Mom, I love you. 

Aunt Deb
wow really taking it back to the blonde days!

My Aunt Deb is my mom's sister. 
I see her probably at least once a week!
Aunt Deb and I have many things in common, and one of them is a love of all things crafty. 
She's amazing at quilting, sewing, and making clothes.
I'm not great at those, but she always gives me craft things like paints, brushes, books to learn more skills, and is always looking for cute shirts or anything that I may like. Most recently she gave me some vintage clothing from the 70's that I LOVE.
When I was really little Aunt Deb would always take me to get a new Barbie every year for my birthday. It was something I always looked forward to each year!
We've come a long way from those days, and I'm so happy you can be here today.
Love you!


Jen Jen Jen.
Every time I say to people "oh my best friend Jen..." 
they say, "why do you always start it with that? We know who Jen is".
Jen and I have been friends since French class 2007 at Towson U.
So 11 years. 
I know Jen is groaning as she reads that, truthfully me too.
I can't believe it's been 11 years. 
Jen has tried unsuccessfully to send me on blind dates, makes me more food than I can ever eat (and aggressively makes me eat it), does my makeup literally whenever I ask, same with hair (remember sex hair? hahahah), and always gives me the cold hard truth about everything. 
I mean it. 
She does not hold back.
But one thing she's always done is that she's always been here for me, no matter what.
She's always stood up for me, with other people, situations, no matter what is going on.
She's aunt Jen to Ella, and spoils her terribly. She's probably the one person I know who is as obsessed with dogs as I am.
She even planned my 30th birthday with my mom. Poor Jen, I was not easy to get along with as I have natural investigative tendencies. Sorry Jen. She's never going to let me forget it.
Jen's not a morning person AT ALL. And she's agreed to do my makeup for graduation this  morning at 7AM. 
Now that, is a true friend. 
Love you Jen!


I said a little bit about Joell already on instagram, but if you missed it, Joell and I met last semester in our cornerstone class. Anyone who was in that class is laughing right now, and all of you are jerks.
Let's just say, it was not my favorite.
Anyway Joell had just gone to Thailand and I was prepping to go, so we started chatting about that. She was very sarcastic, and agreed to go with me to happy hour one night, so obviously we've been friends ever since.
Joell invites me to dinner at her house just about every evening. 
She has a sweet BF named Mike who probably just tolerates me (just kidding, I think I may be starting to grow on him finally). Alexa- does Mike like me? (inside joke).
Anyway she's always there for me and has been an amazing friend.
I'm so glad we met, and became fast friends!
Thanks so much for being here today.

Brittany- here in spirit!

Brittany had every intention of being here today, and honestly I feel terrible that she couldn't be. I won't get into the why and all of that, but she did everything that she could.
Brittany and I were very close as kids, and became close again when our grandmother passed away. 
We feel more like sisters than cousins, we are literally in several ways the same person. 
Brittany is one of the most important people in my life, and I'm so thankful that I have her. 
I miss living in VA where I could see her whenever I wanted, and I am sure that if I ever live close to her again, I'll be at her house every day. 
Brittany thank you for being there for me every day in EVERY way. 
From personal things going on, to life advice, to business advice and more, I don't know what I'd do without you! 
I can't wait to be Aunt Sarah ;). 
Love you!

There's so many more people who are behind me constantly and
 I wish that I could have everyone there! 
Just know I appreciate and love you and thank you for always being there for me. 

-Sarah E Ramsey

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