Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Interview: Jewel Posse

When I came across the instagram account for local jewelry, Jewel Posse, I was immediately drawn to the fact that it is about both Ethics & Style (as it states on her website as well). 
Not to mention, as I read more it said that it was for "Stylish Boss Babes" and well, I mean.... :)
So - yes- I was hooked immediately.

Round Marble Necklaces

I met with owner and creator Nikki last week at Order & Chaos in Federal Hill (right next to my marketing "crush" agency Planit, where she also works full time!). It was my first time there and it's such a great shop to get work done, but also have awesome food & drinks.

I couldn't wait to hear the story behind this unique handmade jewelry!

Nikki in her cream Lace Choker

How It All Started
When Nikki was younger, she was faced with an illness at the age of 9, that would be hard on anyone but especially a child. Her mom knew that, and encouraged her to try different things to get her mind off of it. One of those things ended up being jewelry making! 
It started as just making gifts for friends and family, but there started to be so much demand, that she then decided to form a company. 
It should be noted, that her mother is also a creative, which is a trend that I see often in creative entrepreneurs!
With an undergrad degree in Public Relations (and Theatre) from Penn State and a Grad degree in Management from Wake Forest, she had both the business side and the marketing side, so she was definitely prepared. 

What Does It Mean to Have Sustainable Jewelry?
One of my biggest questions was "how do you make it sustainable?"- right?
Was anyone else curious? Just me?
So basically she said that for it to be sustainable/eco-friendly, it all depends on the source. So when she buys her materials, she makes sure that it comes from a sustainably sourced background.
One of those materials is marble. 
Guess how she learned to cut it?
This girl is amazingly self taught.

Hexagon Necklace in White Marble

Where She Gets Ideas For Designs
Something really awesome that Nikki told me is that she recently took a trip to Ghana. She was so inspired by the culture, cloths, and style, that she brought several ideas back with her. It is the vision behind her new designs!
 Nikki gets her inspiration from literally any and everywhere — architecture, fashion from various time periods, found objects (such as the Zipper Earrings), universal symbols (such as the Round Marble NecklaceHexagon Necklace and Concrete Ring Necklace) and more. 
Something else awesome that Nikki told me about the inspo behind her newest designs, is that she wants to inspire people to live mindfully. Her mission of a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is all encompassing, and goes beyond just what you are wearing. She wants the aura to be reflected that we are connected to nature, and that positivity can make a difference as well. 
Basically you are wearing things that inspire a healthy life, but you are living that life too.
This extends to so many things- and her jewelry is just the start of it!

NEW Agate bracelets in rose gold (not yet avail)
Price Ranges
Of course this depends on the pieces but the general range can be anywhere from $15-$75 for the more intricate and pricier jems and marbles. 

Side Note: her jewelry is very light! If you look at her pieces and envision them being heavy, they aren't. In case you were curious.

Plans and Planning
I am always interested in the process of different companies, and she told me that when deciding on seasonal merch, she works one season ahead, and some of the designing and fabrication can take an entire month to plan. Also, she does alot of testing to make sure that the jewelry will be exactly like she wants it- a true perfectionist!
Nikki is currently doing a 5 "Keys" Content Series where she invites experts to talk about different topics of Wellness and Mindfulness.
That's right up my alley- and I'm sure it will be interesting for you guys as well!

Australians Geode Necklace (almost sold out!)

Also, if you want to be the first to hear about new launches and discounts, make sure you check out her mailing list and sign up. 

How amazing is this jewelry?
Another fantastic local business. 

Let me know which pieces you buy, it will be hard not to!

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