Friday, June 22, 2018

County Sweet Treat- Small Cakes in White Marsh

Many of you know that I live outside of the city 
in Baltimore County.
I generally still spend most of my time in the city but it's always fun to find little 
local county gems here as well. 
One of them that I had heard of a few times was the new Small Cakes in White Marsh.
Now, I'm aware it's not their only location, but it was my first time at any Small Cakes!

So many decisions to be made here.

I often go into dessert places apprehensively. For some reason, I have very high expectations of desserts. Maybe I figure if I'm spending calories- I'd hope it would be good.
But then I think, I never skimp on dessert, so it's not about the calories.
As a child I hated cooking (love it now) but ALWAYS enjoyed baking.
So maybe that's why. 

Regardless, I was happily surprised to find cupcakes that were not at all dry and extremely tasty. 

As you can see, cupcakes are not the only option. 
There's ice cream, milkshakes and more!

I can never turn down any dessert with the name "birthday cake" so naturally I ordered the birthday cake cupcake but also the hot fudge cupcake (with fudge in the middle- what?!).
Both were delicious. 

Hot Fudge

Birthday Cake

Not only that, but the service was exceptional (this is always a big deal for me). Alexa who helped us, was very informative, and helpful when making choices. She gave recommendations and told us all about the different flavors and options. 
She told me when I continued to comment about how delicious, that they are baked fresh every day and the ice cream is home made.
You can tell. 

If you are looking for an amazing dessert option in the White Marsh area this weekend, check out Small Cakes on the Avenue at White Marsh

(not a sponsored post)

Have a great one!



  1. I always want anything named “birthday cake” too! It’s such a delicious flavor ❤️

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