Thursday, July 12, 2018

Interview: Rebecca Smith {Illustrator and Designer}

Good evening everyone!

Back on the blog today with another amazing small business interview.
This time with local illustrator Rebecca Smith.

So I found out about Rebecca through a local hashtag follow (shoutout to my latest IG TV tip of the week on the Boho Marketing Co IGTV...). I saw that she was the illustrator for the Old Westminster Winery canned wines that I had just sampled! So basically, I knew we'd be instant friends.

We met at a Starbucks because we actually both live in the same area! How funny is that?!

Besides wine love, another thing we had in common is we both went to Towson U for undergrad!
Of course I cringed a little when I heard her grad date because I graduated you know...slightly before she did....but still- go Tigers!

Wine Cans- Old Westminster Winery

About Rebecca

Some of the work Rebecca does is:
Coloring pages (love this!)

Fun Facts
Something else that she does that really intrigued me as a fellow traveler, is she illustrates her travel journey through photos. One in particular, was in Chiang Mai where she says that her order at Starbucks cost her more than her taxi ride to get there.
I love this concept.
Here is another travel example:

She has also been to 17 countries-  I respect it.

Another fun fact about her? She worked at Disney! Both in Florida and California.
I had to know if it's as magical behind the scenes, the answer was YES!

The Story 

As a child, Rebecca felt a calling to art, however as many of us think, she thought being artistic meant painting. She didn't particularly feel called to painting so she held off on the art side. But then as time passed, she started sketching and illustrations in her sketch books and really took to it. She went to Towson for Illustration, and felt it offered her the most freedom in creating art.
She never meant to own a business, but after 6 months (past graduation) she started to attract more and more clients. And here she is!

The Future
Rebecca told me quite honestly that she learned the business side through alot of trial and error (don't we all though), and has mentors that help her often.

She especially loves the food and drink industry and she understands it (this was her job at Disney!) and finds it ideal as far as a way to offer the most creativity.

She's constantly keeping a list of ideas for drawings so that her inspiration is always there!

Rebecca also told me she would love to get more into editorial work- so if you check her out on her insta and like what you see as a editor- let her know!

To contact Rebecca:
here is her EMAIL.

Rebecca thank you so much for meeting with me! It was so great to learn about your business and I can't wait to see the other amazing work that you do in the future.

Have a great week all-

*all photos by Rebecca

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