Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saying Yes

How often do you say "yes" to new things? 
Often? Or...not so much?
I felt like I said "yes" a lot, but then there was a period where I really caught myself starting to say "yes", then "no" when I put too much thought into it and FREAKED. 
I'm stopping that, right now. 
Well, actually, the other day I stopped, when I said "YES" to Jiu Jitsu at Form Jiu Jitsu Academy (located in Canton)!

Where the magic happens.

What is a blog if not honest, that I tell you when I showed up I had a "pit" (see The Morning Toast for reference) and immediately thought "WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I am NOT overly athletic, I never have been, which is fine, some people just aren't." Yes, this was all going on in my head as a silent argument of "Sarah, you always jump into activities without much thought". Like the time I decided to study abroad in a foreign country where I knew zero people and when I arrived completely lost it in a "WHAT HAVE I DONE" moment, again. That was the best decision I have ever made, and Jiu Jitsu was also a SOLID decision.

You guys, I had a BLAST!
I wouldn't lie about this, like I said, I'm not overly athletic.

But that's ok, because while eventually Jiu Jitsu would build up some athleticism, there was no over exertion. That is even for someone who walks her dog an hour a day for exercise, occasionally does yoga, and claims "exercising of the mind" with meditation (hey, that's real). 

I was invited to a trial class to see what it was all about, and when I arrived, I freaked because the advanced class was still going on, and there was so much tumbling I thought
The beginners class was not like this though, except for the end, but that was for people who had practiced for a few months. Also, there's NO PRESSURE to do anything you don't want to do.

When I arrived, I was fitted into a Gi (pictured below), and taught how to tie the belt. 
I forgot water, (remember, I don't exercise often), so yeah, don't forget water.

I'm cute, I know.

The class started with mild warm ups before progressing on to about 4 moves that we learned. So I wanted to try this class for two reasons, one, to prove that I could, and two, to learn a few self defense moves. I think with more classes and practice I could actually be pretty good! I was not half bad (or else they were just saying I wasn't to be nice-ha). It was both a nice workout, informative, and so interesting to use another part of my brain when it comes to a workout.

The instructors, known as "Professors" were awesome, especially ours, Professor Lee. He was informative, helpful, encouraging, and fun. He critiqued your technique but not overly, he wanted you to learn too. He also didn't ever embarrass you, which I have had happen in other exercise classes, and I was grateful for that!

photo taken from Form Jiu Jitsu Academy

I recommend taking a friend for your first time! I was lucky enough to meet another awesome lady there, and we partnered up. I always like meeting new people but I'm not sure how I would've done working with a huge guy as I'm pretty small, so if you're a female, take a friend! Or don't...but I would:). 

I'm so glad that I went and tried/learned something new, I hope you guys will expand your mind by trying new things too!
If you do, let me know. And if you want to try Jiu Jitsu, it's very clear these guys are experts. So yes, highly recommend.

Let me know if you go!
Ps. Happy Weekend.

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