Friday, August 3, 2018

Interview: Golf, On the Water?

I came upon Splash City Golf one day when I was visiting Sandlot.
I wondered, why are these people randomly hitting golf balls into the Chesapeake?
And what about the fish?
The cool thing is- the golf balls are 100% biodegradable AND -WAIT FOR IT- feed the fish. 

Photo from Splash City Golf Website

Splash City Golf was founded in Baltimore by three partners who all have something amazing to bring to the table. Names? Shawn Flaherty, Dan Bucci (who I met with for this post) and Jamie Hodges. They started with a dream, love of golf, and a makeshift golf target (made of wood and inner tubes), but now have perfected the target to include GPS tracking and moving with an iPad(if it moves out of range), and it's a battery operated water drone! That means it doesn't require an anchor, because it can be moved at any time. 
I found this extremely interesting.

Photo courtesy of SCG

Splash City Golf is a one stop pop up golf range on the water. You can hire them for events (corporate or private), and find them at what they call "open swings" such as locations like Sandlot (more below), where I first saw them!
Types of events they've done in the past (and certain companies) include:
- Under Armour events
-Agora Events
-Team Building
-Grad parties
-Bachelor parties

In case you are curious about open swing prices, they are as follows:
$10, 5 balls 
$22.50, 15 balls
$39, 30 balls

There are 6 employees total, who help run the events and keep everything going smoothly. They are known as "splash associates" and they are also starting to get more involved in the business like in sales, and recruiting waterfront venues! They also help with branding ideas. Splash City loves involving their employees in the nuts and bolts of the business. 

Photo of a few of the team members! (photo courtesy of SCG)
Current partner waterfront locations include:

Hendersons Wharf
Rye Street Tavern
Kent Manor Inn
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Frederick Douglass- Isaac Myers Maritime Park
Kurtz's Beach
Herrington on the Bay
National Harbor
Weatherly Farm

The list is always getting additions, all partners can be found here.

So consider them for your next event, swing by (ha- get it) and try the "open swings" and do a good deed by feeding our Baltimore fish, or invite them to partner with your waterfront location to bring the fun to every event! For more info, contact Dan at, or visit them via Instagram and check out their website!

Have a great weekend.

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