Sunday, August 12, 2018

Time For Nutrition!

Baltimore, MD, USA
I had my first nutrition appointment this week with Courtney of Real Food Court, a local dietitian (and fellow blogger) who's office is actually less than a mile from my house! 
Courtney is locally known in the area as the top in her field, and you can often catch her on several local tv channels!

It was nice meeting with Courtney because she is non-judgmental and while I already consider her a friend, she's also just very easy to just chat with about everything. She makes you feel comfortable and asks great helpful questions.

First up- I learned, that the immune system health all stems from your gut health. This makes so much sense after having stomach issues right before everything went downhill at my latest hospital visit! So I need to get that in check, and I'm so glad to have this information.
First thing on the list- probiotics.
Courtney gave me several options for brands, and I liked that they ranged from top cost to middle to low cost and ranking of brands. She even told me what she takes personally. Love that!
I ordered it and will receive tomorrow. So I cannot wait to get started.

Next up, we created a "plan of attack". 
She told me the best natural probiotics as well, like my favorites- sauerkraut and kombucha!
We decided to lay off of the sugar and cheese, because I feel better without them.

Then I made a plan to try one new veggie each week, and a new recipe. 
I'm keeping a food log to see how my energy goes (although this weekend did NOT look good), and then formulate another plan afterwards.

What my goals are for now:
Better immune support
More energy

Courtney even did research before my appointment and wanted to know all about what supplements I was taking to make sure she suggested the right ones. She also suggested to let my holistic doctor know what I'm taking so we are all on the same page. I thought that was a great suggestion.

I can't wait to update you all on the progress, but I highly suggest reaching out to Courtney for any nutrition needs that you may have. She doesn't put you on any trendy diets or expect you to cut out several foods. She has a very realistic and kind approach to how you eat, and will give you awesome tips that will help you reach your goals.
I can't wait to get my grocery shopping underway tomorrow!

Have a great week!

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