Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Interview: Fathia Savory (Stylist)

Baltimore, MD, USA
How is your fall style shaping up so far this season?

I had a meeting a little while back with Fathia Savory at Zia's cafe (link) to talk about her company, where she is a stylist for other entrepreneurs, government employees, working moms (she herself is a mom of a 3 year old), Christian music artists and your every day adult professional. 
Fathia was kind enough to tell me about her background as well as her work that she does today. 
She loves her job because she loves helping clients feel confident and making a difference. 

baltimore fashion stylist
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Fathia started as a stylist 5 years ago this December. She attended school for fashion merchandising and design, and also has a background in marketing. Admittedly she is still learning about business on a daily basis (but aren't we all!).
I'm currently all about a daily routine over at the Boho Marketing Co , so I asked about hers:
Her daily routine consists of checking emails, scheduling her posts (socia
l media), networking opportunities as well as planning her schedule around her clients. She tries to be as available as possible to their schedules, especially since she works with so many professionals. 

baltimore fashion stylist
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Fathia shared this story with me:
"One of my favorite styling projects, was a video shoot for Christian music artist, Maya Elizabeth. The video was shot in a few locations here in Baltimore. One of the more challenging locations was the rooftop of a city building. We had to climb out a window onto a fire escape, up another ladder along the building, just to get to the rooftop. As someone who really doesn’t like heights, I found myself having to face my fear head on. We also braved the scorching sun beating down on us. It was all worth it, the artist looked fabulous and the final product turned out incredible. Music video link “Come Ye” "

As far as types of fashion, Fathia favors sustainable fashion, chooses some fast fashion for trendy/discounted pieces, and tends to pick more classic and timeless pieces for herself.
Her current style icon is Tracee Ellis Ross.

Where is she located?
The entire DMV area but she also does virtual styling where she helps you style your outfits from the comfort of your own home and computer!

She prefers a couple of weeks notice. This is because it will get you the most affordable piece but also gives you plenty of options so that you aren't scrambling at the last minute to find a piece. Last minute is possible, she admits, but it just doesn't afford as many options and can tend to be pricey. This is especially good to know for us budget friendly types- am I right?

baltimore fashion stylist
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3 Most Important Things That Every Woman Should Know?
1. Style Personality
2. Body Shape & Styles that work well
3. Your colors

Each appointment can be completely customized (which I love!) and she will go shopping with you, wait while you try on the different outfits, do a style evaluation (including the top three things), and she currently has four different packages available for your needs. 

If you need to get in touch with Fathia she can be reached via email at or you can also find her on Instagram @fathiasavory .

baltimore fashion stylist
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Thanks so much Fathia for meeting with me, I love what you do, and that you are so passionate about it as well.
And Happy Five Year Anniversary in December!


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