Thursday, October 11, 2018

Interview: Laura Hodges Studio

Baltimore, MD, USA
Have you ever been inside of a brand new built home?
The fresh paint smell, the barely touched floors, & everything is just so perfect. Now imagine taking that home and transforming it into your dream house, where everything has been made just for you, down to the knobs on the cabinetry.

interior design baltimore
photo by: Jennifer Hughes

This is what the fabulous Laura Hodges does for her clients.
When she first told me this, I just floated in imagination for how I'd do my house if I could build it from scratch.
But it doesn't have to be built from scratch! Laura can help decorate and design your rooms to be exactly what you want as well. 
When I met with Laura you could just feel the passion for what she does exuding out of every word that she spoke to me. It was awesome and I love when you can tell someone is living out their exact passion and are exactly where they are meant to be in life. 

interior design baltimore
photo by: Jennifer Hughes

Of course I had some questions. How did you start? Where are you from (I detected a slight accent)?

Laura is originally from Manchester England, and was five years old when she moved to the US.
She still spent her summers in England and France (so dreamy) and has a slight accent if you listen close enough. 
Laura started her career in Marketing (this was so interesting to me, because she discussed different guerilla marketing tactics that she used to do), and initially she had a business degree. She then went back to school and received her interior design degree, working in NYC for years, and then once she was married, she had her two boys shortly after.
She took time off to spend with them, and then decided she wanted to pursue interior design.

 Laura started Laura Hodges Studio in 2016, but opened up the new space for the studio and also her home decor shop Domain by Laura Hodges studio in June of this year. 
From her website:
Laura Hodges Studio is a boutique design firm located in the in the Baltimore / Washington DC area working on full service interior design projects.  We focus on creating the ultimate in beautiful, tailored spaces while fully expressing every client’s individual style and taste. 
Domain by Laura Hodges Studio is our home decor shop with a curated collection of local and globally sourced fair trade and sustainable home decor, original art, unique gifts, and one-of-a-kind pieces.  Domain is located on Frederick Road in the heart historic Catonsville Maryland.  Come and shop the studio for a hand selected collection of throw pillows, vases, planters, jewelry, scarves, ceramics, blankets, and much more.

interior design baltimore
photo by: Jennifer Hughes
What type of service does she offer?
Well if you haven't built your home yet, she can start directly from the beginning with you, making it your dream home from the get-go.
She works directly with contractors, and gives you the options for each part of the design for you to choose. She can pick out every single detail down to the towels that best suite your style and personality.
It's truly incredible.
If it has already been built, or if you are currently in your home, she can help you re-design/decorate your space to match your style and taste.

Everything is customized when working with Laura, she will do an in-take form (located on website) where you can let her know your interests.
Then she will schedule a phone call or consultation to get started.

9-5pm Monday to Friday- Studio
11-5pm Wednesday-Saturday- Shop

The easiest way to get in touch is by in-take form, you can also find her on instagram at @laurahodgesstudio.

interior design baltimore
Photo by: Tara Hope

Thank you Laura, for talking to me about your passion. I can't wait to see so many more homes that you design!


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