Monday, October 22, 2018

SURPRISE! It's Pet Friendly

Baltimore, MD, USA
There have been several times lately when I've been to different stores around town with my dog Ella, and people have said to me 
WHAT? I didn't know dogs are allowed there!
So I thought I would share my favorite places where dogs are allowed, that you may not know.

This list is going to be on-going, because I keep finding new places around town. 
But I think it's a great starter list.

I want to emphasize that the below places are conditional on your dog being well-behaved and on leash at all times.
Well-behaved means they aren't jumping on people, you are conscious of people being nervous or afraid and keeping your pup with you so no one is uncomfortable, no growling or lunging, and make sure your pup uses the restroom before going inside. We want to make sure to protect this awesome ability to have dogs with us. We should be mindful NOT to ruin the shopping experience for others.

(also HomeGoods & Marshalls)
That's right, TJ Maxx as well as HomeGoods and Marshalls all allow dogs that are leashed and well behaved. If they can fit in a cart, that's even better, but it's not a rule. 

We love going on trips to Ace to get what we need for our home, and the people that work there are SO POLITE!

Ella is a big fan of Home Depot, she seems to love the open warehouse style and you can often find her relaxing in the aisles. 

Dogs are allowed on the outside right now where there are activities going on for fall, and in the greenhouse. We love this because at most places like this, dogs are not allowed.

They also give your dogs bacon bits left over! So awesome.

Dogs are allowed, but also they sell pupcakes that are Ella's absolute favorite.

*Several restaurants also allow dogs that have outdoor seating like restaurants in Fells Point (there's even water bowls at several places), The Daily Grind (doggie door), Mothers Grille Federal Hill,  Blue Pit BBQ,  Red Brick Station, & Bmore Licks (doggie door).

Drivethroughs That Give FREE Treats to Dogs
Chick Fil A Drivethrough (milkbones)
Rita's Italian Ice (gelato with milkbone)
Starbucks (Puppuccino)
Most Banks (milkbone)

I will keep this list going but I hope that you find a few that you didn't know about yet. 
Also, please let me know if you have more additions! 


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