Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why YOU Should Start A Blog

Baltimore, MD, USA
Recently I've received the same question from many people, and honestly, I'm quite honored each time it happens. 
I've been asked the story behind why I started blogging
Because of that, I decided that it's probably a good idea to tell you why I started my blog, and why you totally can and should too.

Reason #1 
I Love Writing
I'm not saying this is a requirement for blogging, but it's helpful. I always knew I wanted to study business in college, but there was a brief time where I considered journalism. English was always my favorite class in school, and I loved the long creative writing papers. 

Reason #2 
I Wanted To Learn More About The Community
Being a blogger enabled me to go out in the community and have a reason to do so. No one ever believes this, but I can be super shy and anxious when I'm in a crowd and don't know anyone. It used to be much worse, I'm getting used to it now. Being labeled as an extrovert isn't new, because once I'm in a crowd I know, I am very extroverted. 
Getting out in the community told me so much about Baltimore that I never knew (and I'm from Baltimore). It allowed me to learn more history, and meet many people who I wouldn't have otherwise met. It opened my mind more and more and allowed me to collaborate with now friends.

Reason #3
 The Biggest Reason- A Creative Outlet
I needed a creative outlet. I tended to work FT jobs that did not allow for much creativity of my own. My blog was my creative outlet to talk about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and put my own spin on it. Without a creative outlet of SOME kind, I suffer, my work suffers, and my world is much more dull. I love being able to step back, explore, create and write. 

So, what is holding you back?

The reasons are many when I ask others why don't you start a blog too?
-I'm too old
-It's too late to start one now
-The market is too saturated
-Would people want to read it?
-Are people really that interested in what I have to say?
-What if I fail?
-What if no one cares?
-How do I even get started?
-It's too expensive
....and on and on.

I understand fear, I was scared too. This is my THIRD BLOG. That's right. The third one. Why? The first two weren't really a success, but I also wasn't dedicated. I didn't try to grow it. It was on me, I didn't put the work in like I do now. It does take a level of commitment, but it's not unrealistic. 
But, I also was fortunate to meet my friend Kim who is a very successful blogger, through twitter SEVERAL years ago because of my first blog. I met others as well and learned so much. It was not a waste of time. 

My biggest tip for you, is to unapologetically be yourself. 
The market IS saturated with the same content, but there's only one you. 
Bring YOUR uniqueness to the table. Don't copy others. BE YOU. 
That's what the blogging community needs. Different, authentic, unique, and well, you.
Tell your story.
I love other people's stories, everyone always has a story to tell, every single person.
You could help someone. 
You could be a changing point. 
You could influence someone to chase their dreams or go after that goal.
Don't do it for any other reason than for yourself. You can do it. 

Also another tip is to explore where your community is, get to know other bloggers and make some friends. The support is everything. There's no club or pre-requisite to be a blogger. Find your niche, talk about what you love, be yourself, and you'll be great. 

If you start one- TELL ME! I want to read it. 

Much love,

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