Thursday, November 8, 2018


Baltimore, MD, USA
This is my newest series of posts that include the questions that I receive the most often.
It won't be blog posts in a row (like the dating series), but rather as I run into the questions.
The last post I did like this (also the dating series) was centered around Why Are You Still Single? 
Which included a video post, if you remember.
Because it's becoming a common occurrence, I decided to start it on the blog.

When I first mentioned that I was taking a 10 day trip to Kenya, I received MANY questions. 
I still do. I guess Kenya is not normally what you would think when you hear the word vacation so I thought I would go ahead and explain why I chose Kenya. 

First, this is my 31st birthday trip (as in, I'll be 31 this year).
Someone recently said they thought I was 23- bless your beautiful soul. 
My birthday is November 30th, and I figured what better way than a trip to a place I've always dreamed of visiting: Africa
I haven't traveled since May and this is actually going to be my fourth international trip this year. With all of the traveling I've done throughout my life (Kenya will be my 13th country but 17th international trip- I've been to Paris three times and Canada 3 times), even four international trips in one year is pretty big for me. 

January - Bangkok, Thailand (UB School Program)
April- Toronto, Canada (Friend's Wedding)
May- Paris & Rouen, France (Graduation Gift to myself)
November- Nairobi, Kenya (Birthday trip)

So suffice to say- I'M EXCITED!

Why Kenya? 
I'll keep it short with two reasons (other than it's my birthday!):

Business Reason: Kenya is currently at the forefront of innovation.
I recently watched this video- and was so inspired:

I find it truly awesome what they are doing in Nairobi and want to learn more while I am there.

Personal Reason: I've always dreamed of going on a real safari since I was little, seeing animals in the wild, happy and free, being in a real safari truck on the African plains...I'm already starting to tear up just thinking about it. Africa has always looked so beautiful and welcoming, with such kind people. I can't wait for all of the incredible experiences that I'll have on this trip (and photos and things to blog about too! I can't wait to share everything with you all).

We will also be visiting the beach - Mombasa!
This will be my first beach trip this year. 

For some amazing photos ahead of time, I've been watching the Nat Geo Kenya Instagram.

I'm so fortunate to have made my friends who are Kenyan, one of which is going with me on this trip and being a personal tour guide! We've already traveled together (Thailand) and she's an amazing friend. I'm so excited for what is to come. 

I leave November 24th so follow along for the before, during and after. 

When I return I'll be hitting the holiday parties hard!


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