Sunday, December 23, 2018

Last Minute {Meaningful} Gift for the Busy Traveler

Baltimore, MD, USA
It's officially one day until Christmas Eve, which means two full days until Christmas. 
We are officially down to the wire here. 

I'm guessing, if you are a traveler, traveling during the holidays, or an avid traveler who may have been very busy this year, that you are finding you are at here with me at the last hour for gifts!

So, I'm proposing not only a last minute gift idea, but one that has significant meaning, as well. This gift won't be sold out in stores, you won't have any long lines going to get it (most likely) and it's very simple, and not expensive to do (bonus: you can say you made it).

It's no surprise that one of my trips this year was to Africa. 
We went on a sunset safari where I was able to take several amazing photos of a few animals as well as other unique shots.
Many people close to me commented that they loved them and it gave me the idea to give the photos as gifts. I went to Michaels Craft Store and picked out a few wooden frames that gave me the safari vibe, and it turned out with the holidays they were 50% off (or more). 
I then chose my favorite photos in 8x10, and printed them to add to the frames. and voila! A photo that they can hang in their home to enjoy, especially for those that are animal lovers, or outdoor adventure lovers. 
Total cost? Less than $20. But you can make it even less, depending on frame.

One other reason I decided to do this is that I am funny about souvenir gifts. I usually do not do many, and I tend to stay away from shirts or something specific from my trip. This is because if you didn't go on the trip and have the same experience, it won't have the same meaning. But a photo of an elephant or zebra in the wild or even a safari truck? That's something that everyone can enjoy!

Happy Holidays and Happy {last minute} Shopping!


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