Wednesday, August 7, 2019

An Unexpected Meditation Outcome

I’ve been dabbling in meditation for about a year now. 

I have found that it brought with it certain benefits like:

  • Decreased stress

  • Increased focus

  • Awareness of self

  • Manifestations

I love it. 

I usually do meditations from the Insight Timer App. But this past month I decided to do the 21 day challenge with Deepak Chopra and Oprah, because I love them both. 

I expected amazing things to happen. Which they did!

What I did NOT expect, was that it would also bring up things from my past. 

Like, my past, past. 

Apparently, I had been compartmentalizing a few different things that I dealt with as a child (which manifested in the bad way, as night terrors). 

After a week of solid meditation, my night terrors came back and with a vengeance.

I also noticed more emotion. I was crying more, about random things. It wasn’t a usual biological thing that would cause more case you had that thought. 

I mentioned this to my friend (also an avid meditator), who said that sometimes we need to shed our old self to prepare for our new self. 

This part made sense.

The nightmares did not- at first.

I hadn’t put two and two together on the compartmentalization. My therapist did after I had the third nightmare and finally went to see her. I hadn’t been sleeping well, and was done with this whole experience. 

It’s amazing to me that after 20-25 years, the same issues can resurface. Not that it is unheard of, but still. 

What I needed to do was acknowledge the fear - like the movie IT.

So I did, and then something came up that exact day that was similar to my fear. I still acknowledged it- again.

I finally had a good night of sleep two nights ago. 

Meditation allows us to look inside of ourselves, and sometimes that means YEARS inside to unpack all of the things. 

But imagine- had I never done that, the fears that I would hold inside?


I’m going to keep meditating for sure. Because not only does it release stress, and allow positive forces to enter into my life, it allows me to let go of very old problems as well. 

Have you meditated? I highly recommend the the Insight Timer App, The Chopra Center App, and following @charmcitypt (IG) for more info on meditation. 

Let me know your thoughts!

Love & Light,


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Phillips Seafood & The Charm'tastic Mile

Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, USA
I was excited to be a part of an event last night held in Baltimore's legendary Phillips Seafood Restaurant that celebrated them becoming an addition to The Charm'tastic Mile.

The Charm'tastic Mile, an idea spurred by the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, is the 1.3 mile path connecting Downtown-West, the Inner Harbor and Harbor East (per their business social media account). The Charm'tastic Mile was introduced on April 25, 2016.

Founder of the Charm'tastic Mile Derrick Vaughan along with Phillips Seafood Restaurant were both promoting last night's event,  adding the seafood restaurant, a Baltimore staple in the Inner Harbor since 1980, to the Charm'tastic map. 

The seafood was a-plenty and the drinks were on hand, but one of my favorite special touches of this event was the number 42 baseball cupcakes for Jackie Robinson Day. The anniversary of the 65th year of the Orioles opening day (4/15/1954) was also celebrated at the event with cherished memorabilia. The evening had promised to be a celebration of Baltimore culture and sports, and with seafood and memorabilia certainly delivered, they held to their promise. 

Thank you to Derrick Vaughan and Phillips Seafood for having me! And thank you to my friend Shelby Blondell for attending with me. She brought her product the Sheller to this Baltimore themed event too- and if you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should right here. 

Have a great Tuesday, Baltimore!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Let's Getaway!

2010 Madison Rd, Stanardsville, VA 22973, USA

 When the Getaway House invited me to stay at their location closest to D.C. for two nights- I was thrilled. I had been looking for a place just like this and could not figure out exactly what would be best for Ella and I. 

I love traveling with just my dog. So many people have commented on this over the years that they find it strange. 
I've heard many people say this and I can relate- I am always on. Always. 
I feel like when I'm around people or talking in my line of work I'm upbeat, I'm positive, I'm a friend, a daughter, a dog mom...the list goes on. Sometimes, as you may know, a person just needs a break. I'm always online. I joke that I live online. I spend (thanks to my iphone) 8+ hours a day -wait for it- ON AVERAGE each day on my phone. 
Thanks so much Apple, you are truly special for creating this feature. 

I know I don't have to use this feature. I waited to use it actually, fearing the worst, but one day I was just generally curious.
I never turned it off after that.
The other day the average went down to 7 hours and I was proud of myself.


So I searched for a space that would offer solitude, no technology, be dog friendly, and be a close trip. Enter the Getaway House. The website offers several destinations:

  • Washington DC. - this is in Stanardsville, VA
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • L.A.
  • New York
Each cabin is named after the staff's grandparents, how cute is that. My cabin was "Connie".

The outdoor seating area- they also provided a lead for Ella so she could hang out outside as well.
Cabins, Location and Cost
I quickly chose D.C., a 2 person cabin (they also have 4), and that my pup would be coming. They charge a $40 deposit for pets, but you get a complimentary BarkBox, which came SO in handy. Ella loved her toys, and it kept her occupied and she also loved the treats. 
Typical prices depending on season and time of the week, can range from $99-$199 a night. Not bad if there are two of you or more! Honestly, not bad for one person either, considering the prices of hotels or other lodging. 
The distance from my house was about 2 hours and 45 minutes, so easily about 2 hours and 15 or 2 hours and 30 minutes from Baltimore City to Stanardsville, VA. Not far at all! I recommend that you go in the middle of the day however (earlier the better) to avoid the 495/66 traffic.

Kitchen with stovetop, sink, mini fridge, cooking utensils, radio and landline for emergencies.

Complimentary s'mores kit.

Ella's Barkbox.

Now What? Activity Book and pencil inside of phone lockbox.

Nice touches during the stay (see above photos):
  • A complimentary s'mores kit! So nice. I ate way too many s'mores, by the way.
  • Books to read (really good books I might add like The Nordic Theory of Everything and How To Stay Alive In The Woods).
  • A guide book on the cabin including nearby hiking and mountain trails.
  • An activity book (and pencil) with ideas, how to make a campfire, how to meditate and more!

Here were my favorite features about the cabin:
  • The technology (cell phone) lockbox for a truly unplugged experience.
  • A USB chargeable lamp that was used at night for reading and outdoors.
  • A stovetop for cooking.
  • Campfire kits for purchase.
  • Food, coffee, tea for purchase, so essentially you don't really need to take much!
  • It was so clean and easy to clean up afterwards.
  • Although tiny, there was a space for every thing (more on this to come in my next blog).
  • There was AC.
  • The water and shower was HOT! I could not get over this. It was awesome.
  • There is a nice walking trail nearby with clear tree markers to guide the way. It was a nice easy walk around the campsite.

The USB lantern, s'mores kit, cell phone lockbox, guide book and for fun book.

Cooking on the stovetop.

Ella snuggled into the pillows.

Dinner over the fire.

My 6984304802 s'more.

Below is a quick tour of the cabin:

Then below is a quick look at the area, especially if you are apprehensive about going alone, this should help:

Helpful Tips:
Before I left I seriously combed through the website to read everything that I could, BUT they also send you emails before you leave that give you information on what is in the cabin, a list of things to bring for your stay, and the day that you are set to arrive, they send you the exact cabin where you will stay along with (bonus) a driving playlist! They really do think of everything. 

Taken on the walking trail nearby.

The campsite area.

FAQ's as listed on the website:
A journal to help you prepare:

Stay tuned for Blog 2 about what I learned, my personal experience and what we did around town, coming soon (including a funny story about my GPS that stopped working).

When you book, this is how it works, from the website:

 I hope that you've found this helpful and that it's answered questions! If you have more please let me know- and don't forget- feel free to use code SARAHBETH25 to get $25 off your booking!

Thank you again to Getaway House for a both unbelievable and unforgettable experience.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Fridge, Freezer & Pantry Challenge

I made it! 
I made it through a week of only eating foods found in my freezer, fridge or pantry. 

I want to share my (10) lessons.

But first, the background. Why did I decide to do this?
1. Last weekend I had decided to do a budget. 
When I was finished, I was very alarmed at the amount of money I had been spending.
2. I had just started reading the book Essentialism. In it, it goes over how we think so many things are essential, that really aren't (this is probably the most simple way to explain it- this book is life changing). 
3. I also listen to the Minimalist podcast. I could see that things were getting way out of hand.
4. I was noticing too much waste being thrown out each week when I did my fridge/freezer/pantry clean out before trash day. 

I stood and stared at everything and my first (usual) Sunday thought was-
 I need to hit the grocery store! 
Then I decided, no. I spend too much at the store, I'm not using what I already have effectively. Granted, I didn't really have that much in my cabinets, but I knew I had enough, and I was ready to prove it to myself.

There were days where I had lunch that consisted of graham crackers and peanut butter but hey- it was good. It's not what I would have wanted, but it hit the spot. There were also days where I had full on gourmet meals (did you guys see the scallops and the no bake dessert I made from items I already had?!)

What did I learn?
1. I never ran out of food. I'm still not out of food. I'm very tired of what I have, but I still have food. So therefore, I never went hungry. I mean, I still have pantry items that are going to last me a while. 

2. I was still able to make healthy meals. Part of this is because I shop pretty healthy, so I was happy about this. 

3. I buy WAY TOO MUCH breakfast food! Why am I so obsessed with breakfast? Man I really love Michele's Granola though. 

4. Freezer items should not be underestimated. Freezer foods probably won't go bad, and allow you to still eat nutritiously. I knew this already, but I feel like now I understand the importance even more. 

5. Eating out (for me) should be a treat, not something that I do regularly. I need to pull in the reigns. 

6. I did WAY more dishes than usual! I think I loaded and unloaded my dishwasher 2- 3 times this week. Families are laughing I'm sure, but as a single person, I probably run it once a week. Not sure about the effect there on my BGE bill. We will see. 

7. I estimated that I saved about $150 this week (at least). Imagine what I could do in a month. 

8. I accomplished more because I was home more. 

9. I learned the value of meal prep BEFORE going to the grocery store. At the beginning of this week I looked through everything and decided on meals. If I do this each week before I hit the store (and I mean really go through everything) I will be much more successful at saving on costs and waste.

10. I was less stressed. With less in the fridge/freezer/pantry, it was less chaos, and I was able to cut through the clutter and easily decide on meals! 

What do you guys think? 
Would you try it at the expense of less stress, saving money and wasting less? I found it to be very eye opening. 

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Pre-Travel Must

Davis, WV 26260, USA
There is one thing that I have learned to do before I travel that helps with post-travel depression (something that really bothers me)  and also helps me look forward to coming home:

Keeping my home straightened up when I leave it. 

It may seem like a simple task, but when you are in the throws of packing, it can be hard to keep your home clean/organized. However, coming home to a clean home is so peaceful, and can help not only make you happy to come home, but also it helps you get back into your normal routine. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean a deep clean for me, but rather just cleaned up and straightened up, so that I’m also more motivated to unpack and keep my house together. 
When I leave it in chaos, it’s easier to leave my things everywhere for a while. 
Then it doesn’t feel like I’m back to routine. 
But, just straightening up is so helpful- and it’s not as stressful as a full clean. 

For me, coming home and leaving the calm and dream of a vacation with no responsibility other than where you are eating next is SO HARD. After a few depression spells, I learned tips and tricks to help me get back into the swing of things easily.
I just LOVE traveling #wanderlust. 

What are your tips?

See you soon Baltimore!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

My Favorite Easy Meal

Baltimore, MD, USA
Disclaimer before we begin: I'm no dietician, if you'd like to speak to one though, highly recommend Courtney

If you've been following me for any amount of time you've seen that I enjoy cooking. 
This wasn't always the case. 
I actually was very Carrie Bradshaw (you know, shoe storage in the oven) until I was about 25. Then I started wanting more than fast food constantly, and I decided to learn how to cook. Luckily at the time, I was on a particular diet that I won't name (I don't recommend these unless for real health reasons) and it helped me learn to cook somewhat healthy, as my first few meals.

But one thing that remained constant? I love an easy meal.
It can also work with just about any food restrictions (I believe), you will just need to substitute.

My favorite meals to put together are these "bowls". 
They don't really have a name- but I guess if I gave them one it would be Easy Protein Bowls.
This isn't ground breaking info but it's just something I particularly love to cook and eat, and you've probably seen it somewhere in some kind of way, but this is how I enjoy making it!

This can work for either breakfast or dinner actually, just depends on the ingredients. 

Usually I start with some kind of base:
Rice- usually whole grain
Potato (Sweet or white or red)
Lighter gluten free option- quinoa 

Cooking oils- either coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

My favorites are broccoli, broccolini or asparagus.

Eggs or egg whites
Lean ground beef
Boneless Skinless chicken breast
Vegans- sub your fav proteins
Beans of some kind- I like black beans and pinto 

Optional add ons & seasoning:
Sea Salt
Ground Pepper
Old Bay
Cheese of some kind (melty- vegan or otherwise)

Breakfast- I love doing eggs, potatoes, sometimes sausage....just depends. 

I cook most things separately and then add them together in a bowl at the end. Timing is fun sometimes and I finally figured out a strategy (like hello- potatoes take the longest), but once it all comes together it is DELICIOUS and honestly, is usually just a dump of things left over (if we are being honest).

I hope you enjoy this and find it simple as well. 
I thought it would be great right before meal prep Sunday (if you do that) or just an easy weekend option!

Have an awesome week,

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Spending V-Day as a Single Lady?

Hi ladies! It's me, SBR, your resident redheaded Baltimore single lady. 

I'm here to talk all things Valentines Day, and give some suggestions if you are single on how to make the most of this day.
Valentines Day is actually one of my FAVORITE holidays! Because my dad made it so much about his gifts to me when he was alive, and my mom as well, I've always seen it more as a day for gifts, candy and showing those around you that you care. I've never really seen it as a purely "significant other" holiday. 
That definitely helps. 

A word:
Yes. Sure. It's another "hallmark" holiday, but who cares? 
To me- it's just another chance to tell those I care about- that I really care.
Should you tell them every day? Sure. 
But why not have a special day for fun too?
B* don't kill my candy hearts vibe....please.
We all need more LOVE!

Okay moving right along...

Here are 5 things you can do as a single lady on V Day to make it a happy day:

1. Celebrate your single lady friends! 
Grab them something small, write a note, tell them you care, go to happy hour (there's a good one at the Charles Thursday ladies), and spend time laughing.

2. Celebrate YOU
A friend of mine at the office is taking the day off of work, drinking wine, baking cookies, and having a real self care day. Sounds like a great plan to me. 

3. Check out local events like a cooking class. (oooo la la)
I've noticed several cooking classes in the area here, I'm sure there are some where you live too. Learn a new skill to share with your friends, and impress potential dates later.
Oh you can make french macarons? Wife material.

4. Plan a special date for your parents. 
Surprise them- tell mom it was from dad, and dad it was from mom. Now that is a real cupid at work.  I used to do this for every holiday as my dad's "assistant" ha. This can also work for friends who are couples, siblings, etc. 

5. Do a random act of kindness.
There is always so much opportunity for this, and this is a day of love right? Make someone's day better, you never know what they may be going through. 

Think you will do these?
Let me know if you do!


Friday, February 1, 2019

February 1, 2013

Baltimore, MD, USA
February 1, 2013.
The day I lost one of the most important people in my life. 

Throughout these 6 years I have come to learn the impact that my dad truly had in my life, and honestly, I learn something new every day. 

I thought I'd share a few major things I've come to find, since the hardest day of my life. 

1. I'm confident that I most likely would not have made the leap to start my own business. 
I relied heavily on my dad for everything. We all did. He was the rock of our family. 
I think he knew that. I think it's possible he came to terms that he had taught us so many lessons, and now was our time to grow. 
I struggle with this though, because so many things would've been easier with him in my life.
But ultimately, it's true. I don't know if I would've let go of his hand (proverbially), and went out on my own. 

2. He prepared me for so many business things that I still recognize.
He had me helping with his business taxes at age 15/16. He taught me management skills. Accounting. Money management. Time management. Planning. He taught me to remember where I came from and be myself. He taught me to stay humble no matter where you are in life. Labels and money are not everything (or to him, not really anything). And to help others, and give, whenever you can. 

3. He prepared me for what I went through this week. 
I pulled this note out today, and started crying. The timing was everything.
I went through something similar once before.
My dad left me this note, below on my dresser and I found it later. 
He and I did this often, where we would leave each other notes.
He kept all of mine in a drawer, we later learned.

4. He is part of the reason behind me changing my preferred name to Sarahbeth Ramsey (SBR). 
Not only does changing it to Sarahbeth help me differentiate from so many Sarah's, but it allowed me to use part of his initials in my name, so he's with me always (his initials - LBR). 

We shared so many similarities. So many common traits. 
So many things together that sometimes I feel like the one person who TRULY understands me is gone. But in the end, he left me with every single tool that I need to be successful and be strong. Even if that means being strong without him.

Thank you Dad.

Love you forever.


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Diary of a Frustrated Dater

Baltimore, MD, USA
Guys (and I mean this in the literal sense), I am frustrated.

I'm slowly but surely, losing interest in dating altogether, and I know that I'm not the only one.

At the beginning of this year I decided that I was finally going to put my bad dating experiences behind me and give dating a real college try. And by college try, I mean I was going to get myself back on a solid dating app or be more outgoing, and actually GO on dates. I was ready, excited, felt like it was finally my time to get serious. 
{Side note/plug: you may have seen this in the February edition of Balt Mag as well- ha}. 

Then, it all went downhill.

Let's start with me because I'm not saying that it's ALL men's fault:

I've made my fair share of mistakes in dating. I'll be upfront. One of the reasons I've waited so long to date again is to work on myself and make sure I'm ready to be fair to whomever I decide to date.

I've never been great at picking the right guys to date. Every time I break up with someone, I am reminded of this by people close to me, who mean well (and they are right) but I'm just not 100% sure what I'm doing wrong. 

I've given this some thought over the years. I think that I tend to overlook a lot of things when it comes to dating. I tend to look for the best in people...always. I tend to miss red flags. I don't tend to think someone will change, because once I FINALLY see the red flag I'm in warning mode. But I think that I just....miss the flags all together. Sometimes it has to show up blatantly right in my face.  

Recently, I was seeing someone and they (half joking) said that I was "smarter than I looked". I don't know, there just wasn't enough laughing afterwards or anything that would convince me he didn't really mean it in some way.
As someone who has completed a Masters degree (MBA), several certifications, and worked my butt off to own my own company, this was (as you can imagine) highly offensive. He said it because he was losing interest, so instead he started saying things that were not kind (why is this a THING?).
But was it the first time I've heard something like this as a woman? Nope.

This wasn't the first red flag, I realized, only a few hours later as things went south. 
*Warning mode activated *

So here is the deal, I'm 31, I'm ready for a relationship. This is NO secret.

I'm upfront and honest about this from day 1 when talking to people I'm interested in. Do I expect to be in one after a few dates? No. I don't know you after three dates (and apparently not after several either- but I digress). 

Do I expect that if you are seeing me alot/hooking up with me (sorry mom)/making future plans with me/meeting my friends/dating me for a while that you are most likely my boyfriend? 
Yes. As does the rest of the world asking me.

*Louder for the ones in the back*

Then it comes up...."I don't know how I feel about titles but for sure I want to keep dating, hooking up, & traveling together". 

Oh. my. lanta. 

What IS THIS? Since when did "title" become a bad word? 

Common excuses are as follows:
I used to believe in titles, but an ex hurt me really bad.
It's hard to explain to my friends. 
What if we break up?
I need x amount of dates/time together before we are "official".
^ pretty sure the last time I heard this was around 8th grade.

Worse things can happen too: needing space, ghosting, rude comments.....

Can we just agree? There is in no circumstance, an acceptable reason for ghosting. It's garbage.

What happened? Why is it so hard to have the natural progression of dating, seeing you how both feel, then moving forward? Why are titles such an issue? Why is commitment so scary? 
Why are guys so into themselves and continually have a "grass is greener" mentality? 

I'm frustrated. I'm having a hard time bouncing back from it this time, guys. 

I'm a loss.

Any advice/remarks/common stories, are very appreciated. 

Ps. Thanks for all of the IG love last night. It was awesome.

Til next time,


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Take Care Tuesdays: Acupuncture

Baltimore, MD, USA
Take Care Tuesday came just in the knick of time this week!

I've been receiving many questions about acupuncture since I started and I have to be honest, it's not what I expected- it's better

I ended up trying acupuncture because I was having panic attacks every single night at 9pm for four nights in a row. 
Weird, I know. Also terrible.
 If you've ever had one you know that you'd be willing to try just about anything to get them to stop. 
I had heard so many awesome things about acupuncture and {as the universe does} a friend (Elise- Caturday Style), had just gone to Mend Acupuncture and had very good things to say. 

No time like the present.

Mend Remington Location

As always before I went, I did my research.
I was very impressed with the credentials of the staff at Mend so I felt good about going.
Also- it is covered by my insurance (Blue Cross), and I only have to pay a deductible.

So far acupuncture has helped with/cured my:
-Panic attacks - never had one after I went
-Sad mood/depression
-Poor energy (as in lethargy but also feelings of toxic energy around me)
- Sleep issues
-Stress levels 

I know what you are thinking.
Those are needles right? Doesn't it hurt?

In short, no. I'm not afraid of needles to begin with, but this is nothing like getting a shot. 
They use pins (needle-like) to hit pressure points that will improve your symptoms and that's it!
There's nothing in them and you really don't feel it at all once they are in, and barely when they put them in, but often not at all.

How long does it take?
Generally 30 minutes to 45 minutes. 
Confession: I usually take a nap for at least half of it.
When I'm not taking a nap, I meditate.

I've never felt so zen afterwards in my life! The feeling of relaxation afterwards is amazing. 

After your first trip they will give you a pamphlet like the below and their recommendations for your personal experience/treatment plan. 
For me, they said to come back more often at first, which I did, and now I go once a week which is perfect for me. If I feel the need to go again, they are very flexible. 

Mend also offers community sessions, which are very affordable as well (especially helpful if your insurance does not cover). 

For convenience, they have 3 locations:
Quarry Lake

I couldn't recommend acupuncture enough and I am excited to have found something else that helps with both my physical and mental side. 
Just so you know, acupuncture also helps with cold and sickness- something I used it for just today!

Have a great week,

Friday, January 4, 2019

Healthy 2019

Baltimore, MD, USA
I've had a few questions about why I'm doing healthy 2019 and what I mean by that statement.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis approximately three years ago. 
This month, at the end of month is my anniversary.
The doctors THINK that since I've hit the 3 year milestone, that my auto immune disorder should not progress any further. But of course, that's just an educated guess. 

Everything is an educated guess with Myasthenia, because it's so rare.

When I was first diagnosed, I was put on a medication that made me throw up every day for 30 days. The doctors didn't know why. 
It wasn't until I found a book called Cut the Sugar You're Sweet Enough written by Ella Leche, a UK blogger who also has Myasthenia, that I learned what was really going on.
My meds did not interact well with dairy, sugar or fried processed foods.

So for one year, I went off of all of those things + alcohol.

And boy, did I make up for it afterwards. 
Once I was healthy- cheese was back in the game.
So were hot wings.
So was alcohol, which I had not had for a year. 
I partied for a year (I'm better! Celebrate!). 
Then I got myself together, but still ate pretty terribly.

When I had a serious reason for cutting out certain foods, I did it and I was very serious.
I mean like- at a restaurant- is there any trace of butter on these veggies? serious.
 I lost 30 lbs.
I soon became obsessed with the diet.
 I even had nightmares that I had gained my weight back and became sick again.

Once I was healed, I calmed down.
But then I let the strict diet finally go, and I lost control again.
I have a huge sweet tooth as well, so anything was game.

This past year I didn't feel very healthy. 
It really has nothing to do with weight, but just how I feel in general. 
Achy, tired, depressed, you name it. 
I started to get myself together with a new holistic doctor and acupuncture over the summer, and it was definitely helping, but I could tell that a major problem was how I was eating.

So I decided this year that I'd get healthy, but set some serious boundaries.
With the help of Courtney, my dietician I learned you don't have to be so strict to be healthy.
So this year is about balance, which is also my word of the year. 
Balance with work life and personal life.
Balance with diet.
Balance with exercise.

I'm not giving up any foods, everything will just be in moderation with the goal to be healthy.

Do you have any goals for 2019? I'd love to hear them!


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