Friday, February 1, 2019

February 1, 2013

Baltimore, MD, USA
February 1, 2013.
The day I lost one of the most important people in my life. 

Throughout these 6 years I have come to learn the impact that my dad truly had in my life, and honestly, I learn something new every day. 

I thought I'd share a few major things I've come to find, since the hardest day of my life. 

1. I'm confident that I most likely would not have made the leap to start my own business. 
I relied heavily on my dad for everything. We all did. He was the rock of our family. 
I think he knew that. I think it's possible he came to terms that he had taught us so many lessons, and now was our time to grow. 
I struggle with this though, because so many things would've been easier with him in my life.
But ultimately, it's true. I don't know if I would've let go of his hand (proverbially), and went out on my own. 

2. He prepared me for so many business things that I still recognize.
He had me helping with his business taxes at age 15/16. He taught me management skills. Accounting. Money management. Time management. Planning. He taught me to remember where I came from and be myself. He taught me to stay humble no matter where you are in life. Labels and money are not everything (or to him, not really anything). And to help others, and give, whenever you can. 

3. He prepared me for what I went through this week. 
I pulled this note out today, and started crying. The timing was everything.
I went through something similar once before.
My dad left me this note, below on my dresser and I found it later. 
He and I did this often, where we would leave each other notes.
He kept all of mine in a drawer, we later learned.

4. He is part of the reason behind me changing my preferred name to Sarahbeth Ramsey (SBR). 
Not only does changing it to Sarahbeth help me differentiate from so many Sarah's, but it allowed me to use part of his initials in my name, so he's with me always (his initials - LBR). 

We shared so many similarities. So many common traits. 
So many things together that sometimes I feel like the one person who TRULY understands me is gone. But in the end, he left me with every single tool that I need to be successful and be strong. Even if that means being strong without him.

Thank you Dad.

Love you forever.


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